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Local positioning in Google is a set of activities aimed at achieving the highest possible positions for local queries. If you run a local business and want us to support your activities, please contact us!

What does local positioning look like?

The local positioning process should consist of several elements. First and foremost, the website should undergo a thorough technical audit in order to locate all errors that may contribute to blocking the achievement of website positioning results.

The next stage of local positioning is the analysis of the size of the website along with the analysis of the space for its expansion. Finding new spaces for website development and thus preparing additional places for content implementation should be one of the main and basic elements of local positioning.

Local SEO – where to start?

When implementing local positioning activities, you should first focus on two elements:

  • technical audit of the website,
  • analysis and preparation of possible additional space for expanding the website (category tree)

The next stage of local positioning should be the implementation of the assumptions from the technical audit of the website so as to eliminate the main errors and thus contribute to Google’s indexing robots as possible simple could visit our website.

After optimizing the website, content is periodically implemented on the service and offer tabs, and the process of acquiring valuable, thematic links to our website begins.

If you want to implement local positioning as best as possible, you need to pay special attention to the first two elements. The proper start of local positioning then translates into local phrases in the search results, i.e. those that we care about in regional positioning.

Local positioning and Google Map

The Google My Business card is an integral element of local positioning. If we want to start displaying local phrases in order to reach local customers, we undoubtedly need to ensure proper optimization of the mentioned Google business card.

The Google business card should include, among other things, the company’s contact details, opening hours, the services provided or products sold, as well as a valid link to our website.

If you want to focus on local positioning as much as possible, you should also carry out activities in the area of the mentioned Google My Business card on an ongoing basis. Periodically adding entries and interacting with users who leave opinions should have a positive impact on the search results of our business.

Why is it worth using local SEO - about the visibility of a website in search results

Using local positioning, i.e. conducting activities in a given location, allows us to effectively reach the recipients of our services or products. When running a local company, we should definitely first focus on reaching customers who are as close as possible to our headquarters.

First of all, medium-sized local companies should decide to take action in the area of local SEO, because through it they can count on development and, over time, positioning for general phrases.

Increase visibility faster

As a rule, by focusing on SEO activities in a specific location, we should be able to build the website’s visibility in a given region of operation at a slightly faster pace than in the case of e.g. nationwide activities. This will result from the fact that regional competitiveness may turn out to be less demanding compared to global competitiveness, e.g. for the entire country.

Local positioning and personalization of search results

In the case of local positioning, you should select key phrases corresponding to a given location. In the vast majority of cases, these are local phrases that include the name of the town where we operate, e.g.: “Hairdressing salon Kraków”. Sometimes, depending on the budget or the area of business activity, it is worth trying to include the name of the district in the key phrase, e.g.: “Hairdresser’s office Warszawa Ursynów”.czowej nazwy dzielnicy, np.: “Gabinet fryzjerki Warszawa Ursynów”.

When will local positioning be useful again?

Local positioning can be useful in a situation where we want to operate in a specific area and have a limited financial budget. As a rule, local activities may turn out to be cheaper (which is not a rule) than nationwide activities. Local search results in Internet search engines generally have a slightly lower volume compared to global phrases, and this may, but does not always have to, involve a smaller financial outlay that will allow achieving satisfactory results.

Who is local SEO for?

Local positioning in Google is a service addressed to owners of companies that do not operate throughout the country, but in a specific location. Most often, this location refers to a specific town, often also to a voivodeship. Of course, choosing a local positioning service does not prevent you from taking global actions. It is worth noting that local SEO can be a good start for medium-sized companies that plan to develop and operate more globally in the shorter or longer future.

Google local positioning is not only a matter of the city

Local positioning does not always apply to the area of one specific city. Increasing the visibility of a website in local activities often applies to an area covering several or even a dozen or so cities. Then you should refer to the so-called regional positioning. Therefore, local positioning may concern a voivodeship or several closely related cities, e.g. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

Local positioning does not always apply to the area of one specific city. Increasing the visibility of a website in local activities often applies to an area covering several or even a dozen or so cities. Then you should refer to the so-called regional positioning. Therefore, local positioning may concern a voivodeship or several closely related cities, e.g. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

It is worth remembering that local positioning may have different meanings and thus cover activities, either in a given region or even only in a given district of the city.

NAP business cards – why are they important?

NAP business cards are, in other words, the company’s online business cards. The use of NAP business cards in the local positioning process contributes to increasing the credibility of the company in the eyes of potential customers. Additionally, NAP business cards allow you to obtain links to your website. Therefore, it is worth using them to diversify the link profile of our website. It should also be remembered that because NAP business cards are specific business cards of a website on the Internet, they should be used to link to the home page or the contact tab.

Positive reviews matter for local SEO

Positive opinions on Google Maps are very important for activities in a specific location. Geolocation of search means that more and more users use the Google My Business card and go to the website through it. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize your business card and collect as many positive opinions as possible. The combination of these two elements can help to place our business card above the competition in a given area and thus, after appearing on Google maps, we can increase traffic to our website.

Consistent contact details - the key to success in local positioning

A consistent company address in the Google My Business Card and on the website is an element that cannot be forgotten. The lack of consistency in this matter may be negatively perceived by search engine robots and may thus limit the effects of the local SEO activities we conduct.

Local SEO on-site - website optimization

In addition to optimizing your Google My Business listing, you should make sure that your website is also maximally optimized for local keywords. The meta title description, H1 and H2 headings, as well as the content on the website are places where the phrases we care about should appear in various variations.

Moreover, to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to search locally for our company, we should ensure that we implement appropriate solutions in the area of internal linking. Proper link juice flow, even on a small service website, is an important element of website positioning in organic search results.

How to take care of valuable links in local positioning?

If you want to ensure the best possible position in search results for regional positioning, you should largely focus on acquiring valuable links to the website. As a rule, the link profile should be diversified in terms of the sources from which we obtain links, as well as in terms of anchors and the nature of the obtained links. Definitely, if we are focused on regional positioning, we should focus first on obtaining links from local sources, e.g. local news portals. In turn, NAP business cards should serve as an element to diversify the link profile.

Advertisements on local portals can also be an interesting, alternative source of links.

Like local positioning, so do local external links!

When deciding on SEO activities in the area of local positioning, the link-building process should be taken into account to a large extent. Good local positioning will not be possible without obtaining links from sources closely related to the location of your business. When implementing local SEO, you should base the linking process on various types of local websites. Depending on the town in which we operate, these will be, for example, local dailies with their own websites or local news websites.

If you want to appear as high as possible in local search results, it is also worth considering cooperation in the area of exchanging links with owners of other local, but non-competitive companies.

Local website positioning and geolocation

When deciding on local positioning, remember about technical issues regarding our website. One of the many aspects that influence achieving good results in the Google search engine for local SEO is structured data. Creating them correctly and implementing them in the website code will allow the Google search engine to more easily understand the specific location of our company and what it concerns. Therefore, we must not forget about the so-called business premises diagram.

How long does local website positioning take?

As a rule, local positioning in the Google search engine should take less time than global positioning. Moreover, the main advantages of local positioning include condensing activities in a given area thanks to determining the location, which should ultimately translate into customer acquisition within the framework of local SEO.

Why is it worth choosing local positioning with us?

At Up&More, we successfully run SEO projects remotely for companies that have their headquarters in many cities in Poland and Europe. Meetings, statuses and reporting online are equally natural to us and are no less fruitful than face-to-face. However, you can also meet our specialists locally in various cities in Poland.

Where do we operate stationary?

  • Warsaw

Warsaw is not only the administrative but also the business capital of Poland. A huge number of companies from various industries operate in and around it. No wonder that SEO Warsaw is extremely popular.

In the capital you can meet our specialists at every stage of the project – from briefings to report meetings. Contact us and find out how we can support your business!

  • Poznań

The capital of Greater Poland also clearly marks its presence on the business map of the country. Many companies from various industries, both industrial and service, operate successfully here, which is why positioning is also a frequently used online marketing method in Poznań. Our experienced local SEO specialists will support you in developing your online business. Choose SEO Poznan!

  • Lublin

Lublin is the 9th largest city in Poland, so it’s no wonder that business is developing dynamically here. In the city itself there are over 50,000 companies operating in very different industries. Many of them want to develop their visibility on the Internet and acquire new customers this way. Therefore, if you are interested in SEO in Lublin, you’ve come to the right place! Lublin is one of the cities where you can meet our specialists stationary and talk about your online strategy.

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