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At Up&More, we focus on achieving your business goals, whether these are sales performance, market share, number of new clients or brand recognition. We work with the best and ensure the highest quality of service. Proof? Up&More is the best agency from Poland at the European Search Awards 2022. And what about clients? They often stay with us for many years, and with the partnerships we build, we achieve above-average results.

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You ask, what makes us different? We are the best rated agency from Poland at the European Search Awards 2022. We always set ambitious goals and we always combine them with your business goal. We play as one team and it works out quite well for us.

Tomasz StarzyńskiManaging Partner at Up&More
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We have our own departments: SEO, Analytics, Copywriting, SEM, IT, Graphics or Social. We participate and win in international competitions. We create worldwide campaigns. We have 17 years of experience in website positioning in our team We have premium partner status with Whitepress. We provide a full report of our SEO activities. With us, you ultimately decide how long we work for you.

Piotr StarzyńskiManaging Partner at Up&More
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Up&More is not a corporation! Our goal is to achieve your goal. Without restrictions, international limitations and procedural barriers. True to the motto Social #More, we communicate on behalf of your brand wherever we can build potential and competitive advantage.

Marzena KamińskaManaging Partner at Up&More
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We work beyond the limits. and I mean that literally! We create and code spaces that are the backbone of a brand's online presence. We implement web and mobile technologies, thanks to which the efficiency of operations has its real values

Konrad KamińskiManaging Partner at Up&More
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Awards are just awards... But what really matters is that clients stay with us for a long time. By choice, not as a result of contractual obligations. We are privileged to develop projects with clients who joined us at the very beginning of the adventure, such as Ronson Development, with whom we have been working for more than 8 years now!

Grzegorz LenkiewiczLead Developer at Up&More
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With Up&More we have carried out a complex project of a new website, including the preparation of investment pages. We constantly cooperate not only on the development of our website, but also on all online marketing activities including SEO, SEM and Social Media. The agency has become known as a flexible partner, efficiently performing tasks and supporting us at every stage of the work. Persistence in dealing with the problems encountered yields consistently high results. We are staying for good!

Karolina BronszewskaMember of the Management Board at Ronson Development
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Challenges? They are exactly what we feel most comfortable in. Social media is like an ocean of opportunity and change for us, which on the one hand requires a good strategy, analysing and optimisation, and on the other hand openness, spontaneity and quick reaction on the wave of changing trends. Creativity is our forte and it is through creativity that we unleash the potential of the brands we run.

Alicja KisielHead of Social Media at Up&More
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What I particularly appreciate about Up&More's social media service is its timeliness, commitment and flexibility to change!

Katarzyna LenckowskaMarketing Communications and Retail Sales Manager at DHL Parcel Polska
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We know that the road to success is not just about dry data and analysing Excel tables. Sure, these issues are important, but what sets us apart at Up&More is creativity and innovation! We treat each client individually, and we always have solutions up our sleeve to help them stand out from the competition.

Martyna MalepszyJunior Digital Creative
Martyna Malepszy

Cooperation with the Up&More team is very effective. We value them for their reliability, transparency and commitment to their activities. This is an agency you can rely on!

SEPHORA Polska TeamMarketing

At Up&More, each cooperation is an opportunity to build a long-term business relationship, which at various stages involves newer and newer challenges. We respond to market changes and trends, constantly taking care of both the customer's and our own development.

Joanna SopielaSEM Specialist
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We have been working with the Up&More agency since 2017. During this time, we have jointly completed a great number of projects, combining multiple media channels. The Up&More team has a great understanding of the specifics of the development industry, thanks to which we have achieved tangible results of our work very quickly. I also highly appreciate flexible approach and commitment of the agency in ongoing activities.

Marek CichyCichy Internet Marketing Manager at Vantage Development
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