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Website positioning Warsaw

Website positioning is a series of activities on and off the website aimed at building or increasing its visibility in search results. Effective website positioning involves optimization, building authority by creating valuable content and creating a strong incoming link profile.

Local website positioning in Warsaw – why it is worth choosing specialists from your area

Effective website positioning requires cooperation between the client and an SEO specialist. An individual approach to each case is the key to success. Experienced SEO specialists know that the client’s participation, especially in the first stages of activities, is essential.

Therefore, it is worth potential clients of SEO agencies taking into account whether cooperation mainly online is satisfactory for them and then the location does not matter, or maybe their work flow is based mainly on meetings at the company’s headquarters, so it is worth taking an interest in SEO activities in Warsaw .


Website positioning in Warsaw with Up&More

So if you are interested in an SEO agency in Warsaw – you’ve come to the right place! We have been operating on the online marketing market for over 9 years, focusing not only on the SEO industry, but also on comprehensive activities for our clients.

What distinguishes us from companies from Warsaw is the fact that you can work with our specialists locally – in the capital, but also in other cities, such as Poznań or Lublin.

What constitutes website positioning in Warsaw (including the positioning of online stores)?

Page optimization

We conduct comprehensive positioning, but the starting point is always the technical optimization of the website, which begins with an extensive SEO audit, both on-site and off-site. As a result of the audit, each of our new clients receives optimization recommendations along with implementation instructions in the form that suits them best. Website optimization, of course, aims to adapt the website to the requirements set by the Google algorithm, therefore it directly affects the effectiveness of positioning.

Contrary to appearances, website optimization is not a one-off activity. If we expand the website, make technical corrections or simply change selected keywords slightly and we do not want it to negatively affect our presence in organic search results, we must conduct another SEO audit.

Competition analysis

The next stage of the positioning service is the analysis of the company websites of our client’s direct organic and business competition. We check whether competitors run any activities in the Google search engine, what is the visibility of the website where they present their offer and what keywords generate the most traffic for them.

In the case of website positioning in Warsaw (and basically in every city where our client operates locally), we verify who actually appears in local search results. Whether these are companies offering their services in the topic we are interested in or, for example, large advertising portals such as OLX. Unfortunately, Google’s search engine algorithms work to the advantage of large websites that carry out extensive content marketing, so if they “occupy” a large part of the top 10 search results, you should choose a strategy that takes their presence into account.

The competition analysis ends with the preparation of conclusions that will be used in building an individual website positioning strategy for our client.

Content marketing

Content marketing, i.e. creating valuable content to be published on and off the website, is an essential element in building the visibility of a website. Our many years of experience in website positioning clearly show that without writing content, it is impossible to achieve high positions in Google search results, which significantly limits the way to reach potential customers organically.

The basis of content marketing is, of course, creating a coherent content plan aimed at building the thematic authority of the domain regarding the scope of our client’s business.

In our content marketing, we should strive to cover the thematic areas related to the activity as much as possible, without forgetting, however, that the content we create must be valuable and consistent with the EEAT principles.

Another element that should not be omitted when creating content is internal linking, which, first of all, should make it easier for the user who visits our website to navigate between the subpages of interest, but also support the indexing of the page by the search engine robot.

Google business card optimization

Within the Google search engine, we encounter several types of results that can attract potential customers to our company. These include Google business cards, which appear as a result for keyword phrases in two places – directly in search results and in Google maps.

Google business card optimization is generally not a permanent part of the website positioning service. It is usually a separate service offered by an SEO agency. However, for companies from Warsaw and other large Polish cities, it may be necessary, because effective local positioning does not only mean website optimization, it is worth showing up in as many places as possible to reach new customers.


A standard part of website positioning is reporting results, both from the agency’s and the client’s point of view. Each report should be tailored to the needs and goals of a specific project to present the achieved effects in cross-section.

Different metrics in the report will be necessary if we are positioning online stores, different when we operate for a small local service company.

Where do we get data for reports?

Data for reports can come from many different tools, both those provided free of charge by Google – such as Analytics or Google Search Console, paid commercial solutions (e.g. Senuto, Semrush, Ahrefs) and the SEO agency’s own tools (e.g. for collecting the positions of key phrases ).

What sample information can be included in a website positioning report?

  • what positions keywords occupy in the Google search engine
  • number of monthly organic sessions
  • number of new users visiting the website
  • what keywords generate the most traffic
  • how many conversions come from organic traffic and how much revenue they generate
  • number of links acquired
  • website visibility in the Top 10 results

These are only the most popular metrics, and the report itself can be easily adapted to the client’s needs using dedicated tools such as Looker Studio.


How much does website positioning in Warsaw cost?

If you are looking for an SEO agency and are interested in website positioning in Warsaw, you definitely want to know what costs you must be prepared for. Basically, the cost of positioning does not depend on where the SEO company is located, but on how competitive and popular the field your company operates in.

If you operate in a niche industry where there is little competition, the cost of your SEO will be lower than in the case of e.g. a cosmetics company, and it does not matter whether the agency that carries out activities for you is from Warsaw or Lublin.

However, the monthly cost of activities is always assessed individually for the specific strategy adopted and it may vary within very wide ranges, depending on the potential of interest among search engine users in a given topic. Our many years of experience enable us to offer potential clients SEO activities within the most optimal budgets for them.

Website positioning in Warsaw is not the only thing we can do for you!

Our competences include comprehensive digital activities, such as:

  • digital campaigns
  • social media
  • analytics
  • development
  • creation
  • marketing training

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