Our cooperation with Dominium pizza shop network included the implementation of a campaign promoting the Client’s mobile app. The app lets you find Dominium Pizza restaurants nearby and order pizza online to be delivered or picked up at the restaurant.

Note: In 2021, the Dominium Pizza network merged with Domino’s Polska S.A. Currently the restaurants of the network go by the name Dominium by Domino’s. Because of that, the app we mentioned is no longer available at Google Play and App Store At the same time we encourage the use of the current mobile solution of the pizza network – Domino’s Pizza app.

The results of the planned and implemented year-long strategy of the app promotion:

new app users

+48 thousand

larger app revenue



2 416 %

The challenge / starting point:

Pizza Dominium created their own mobile app in order to facilitate customer service and increase the restaurant revenue. Thanks to the app, ordering pizza was supposed to be faster and more intuitive, and the app users were supposed to feel special due to the targeted promotional offers exclusively for them.

Pizza Dominium needed assistance in promoting their app and with this challenge the Client contacted us. Our job was to attract new app users, build involvement within the app and increase revenue.


We planned the promotional campaign in the See-Think-Do-Care model to cover every stage of the potential customer’s journey – from the discovery of the app to its active use. Promotional tools were selected based on our know-how, as well as on the data concerning the way users discover new apps. Our activities included app stores (ASO) positioning, as well as campaigns on Google App Campaign, Facebook App Ads and Apple Search Ads. We took care of the appropriate analytics tools configuration in the app, which allowed us to measure the effectiveness of the promotions and optimize campaigns to meet advanced goals.

At the beginning of the campaign we focused on the acquisition of installations. In the next phase, our efforts shifted to the generation of transactions within the app. We were able to reach these goals by combining analytical data with the advertisement systems machine learning. Intelligent quotas setting were used in the campaigns, i.e.: “Installations maximization,” “Increasing the in-app purchases” and “Target in app transaction value,” to determine the target cost of acquisition of a new user.

pizza dominium

Based on the resources we delivered, such as the description, headers, static graphics, HTML5 format creations or videos, advertising systems automatically generated appropriate ads in every channel used to reach the potential app client.

To encourage the users to install the app and use it to place orders we communicated attractive “Starting promotions.” We also used #stayhome hashtag relating to the global campaign for the time of pandemic.

We targeted ads based on the predefined target group, Google Ads signals and real time app data. Here we built profiles similar to the most active app users. Thanks to Apple Search Ads we reached iOS users, who browsed the App Store for phrases connected with pizza, food delivery or competitor brands. To increase involvement and app revenue we used Remarketing – to return with the campaign to the users who installed the app.

We also conducted an ASO audit in order to optimize the app for organic visibility in Google Play and App Store. We defined the list of phrases important for ASO and we developed app’s metatags (description and graphical elements visible on app’s webpage in Google Play and App Store).

Products and solutions used:

  • ASO
  • Google App Campaign
  • Facebook App Ads
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Smart bidding
  • Firebase
  • Facebook SDK
Pizza Dominium - CaseStudy


Multichannel strategy of app promotion brought about over 48,000 new app users and tripled the app revenue in one year.

From the campaigns alone, we acquired over 30,000 installations of the app. Thanks to the ASO audit and regular user acquisition the organic visibility of the app, especially in Google Play, also grew. This resulted in the growth of the number of installations from free traffic sources.

Client’s opinion:

Complex approach to mobile apps promotion, expert knowledge and involvement were things that convinced us to cooperate with Up&More agency. The Up&More team thoroughly analyzed our app and its position in relation to our competitors, pointed out the key barriers for growth and planned marketing actions wisely. We knew we were in good hands from the very beginning. The increase in downloads, app activity, retention and – of course – revenue quickly proved our choice to be a correct one.

Liliana Lesińska Marketing Manager, Pizza Dominium