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    Each year brings new challenges and opportunities, so understanding upcoming trends becomes a key part of keeping your brand ahead of the curve. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the projected digital marketing trends for 2024, revealing what innovations await the industry, what technologies will dominate, and how businesses can adapt their strategies to the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world.

    From the personalization of content and the growing role of video, to going green and the dominance of artificial intelligence, to the exploration of the metaverse. I invite you to delve into the world of innovations and trends that will be the foundations of effective digital marketing in 2024.

    The following is an introduction to the world of digital marketing.

    Before we get to the trend forecast for the coming year, however, let’s take another look at what was happening in the coming year of 2023. 

    Artificial intelligence has become a major factor in the digital marketing revolution. AI has enabled personalization of content at an unprecedented level and accelerated marketing processes by automating them. Using tools such as ChatGPT or AdCreative.AI allows companies to be more flexible and streamline, for example, the creation of copy ads, or graphics for campaigns. This approach opens up new opportunities for companies to reach their audience and gain an edge in the marketing world.

    Another trend we could see in 2023 was influencer marketing By working with influencers, brands built authentic connections with consumers, using their credibility and influence to effectively reach their target audience. Authenticity and personal relationships became a priority, making influencer marketing an indispensable part of digital marketing strategies in the past year.

    In 2023, interactive content such as quizzes, surveys and polls also emerged as an important trend in digital marketing. Companies increasingly used interactive tools to engage their audiences. Through them, users actively participated in advertising content, which not only increased reach and engagement, but also created a more personal and memorable consumer experience.

    Of course, these are not all the trends we could see in 2023 in the world of digital marketing, but now let’s focus on whether any of them are predicted to flourish, what news we can expect, and what will be the buzz in the world of digital marketing in 2024!


    Everyone wants to be EKO! 

    In 2024, ecology and sustainability will become a key trend in marketing. Companies are steadily integrating social responsibility as a core element of their marketing strategies, actively promoting sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions and declaring the use of environmentally friendly materials. At the end of the day, everyone wants to perform well in the eyes of consumers, and as those consumers are becoming more aware by the day, nothing works better than actual engagement with the issues that really matter.

    Sustainability will therefore be an extremely important performance indicator for companies, reflecting their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It’s positive news that companies are paying more and more attention to social responsibility, realizing consumers’ growing awareness of environmental issues, and setting increasing their contribution to caring for the planet as one of their KPIs. It is with this kind of energy that we should all enter the New Year! 😀


    Many companies are increasingly personalizing their approach, tailoring advertising content and offers to each customer’s unique preferences. Thanks to advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (a topic we’ll return to later), hyperpersonalization not only increases engagement, but also builds lasting relationships with customers, increasing their brand loyalty. This approach enables you to reach your target audience even more effectively, offering a personalized consumer experience.

    With the vast amount of data available from various touch points – be it social media, websites or even physical stores – brands can leverage this information with advanced analytics. This results in hyper-personalized marketing strategies in which content, product recommendations and even ads are tailored to individual consumers.,” writes Jennifer Gaier, director of marketing at Elwyn, for Forbes magazine.

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    The increasing popularity of platforms such as TikTok and formats such as YouTube Shorts and Reels is driving companies to focus on creative and attention-grabbing video formats. Short video content is an effective way to convey information quickly, engaging viewers in a short amount of time. This type of approach not only adapts to the short attention span we are able to devote to a given piece of online content, but also creates an interactive and compelling experience for viewers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by increasing the likelihood of their interaction with this type of material. This trend is also closely related to the issue cited in the predictionsof the Kantar portal’s marketing trends, namely the growing struggle for attention and evoking emotion among viewers:

    Marketers are now realizing that attention is multi-layered, and audience measurement needs go beyond visibility metrics,” we can read in the text by Vera Sidlova and Duncan Southgate. 

    Artificial intelligence at an even higher level

    The possibilities of artificial intelligence in the digital industry never cease to amaze. A very rapidly growing tool in this field are Chatbots, which offer to provide users with quick answers regarding discounts, products or services. In addition, chatbots provide personalized and efficient customer service at any time of the day. However, they are not the only AI-based tool that is forecast to be developed in 2024. Thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms, AI analyzes vast amounts of data related to users’ online preferences, behaviors and interactions. As a result, marketers can more effectively personalize advertising content, tailoring it to the individual expectations and needs of their target audience. This, in turn, not only increases the effectiveness of campaigns, but also minimizes losses resulting from improperly conducted advertising efforts. 

    Artificial intelligence will once again reign supreme, and will certainly remain on the tongues of everyone active in the industry in the coming months. 

    AR, VR as new forms of interaction

    In the context of digital marketing, AR and VR are changing the way brands build relationships with customers. Creating experiences that stand out from traditional campaigns is becoming a key element of marketing strategies. The rise of AR and VR in 2024 will undoubtedly drive innovation in content creation, increasing both engagement and consumer recall. Consequently, we can expect to see the emergence of new ad campaign formats that can be aired during user participation in AR and VR experiences. 

    Testing new products before they are purchased, organizing virtual events, or interactive product presentations in the VR world are just some of the strategies that are sure to increase in popularity in the coming year. This phenomenon fits perfectly into the evolution of digital marketing, emphasizing the need for interactivity and innovation in advertising activities.

    Growth in importance of mobile apps

    Market research shows that sales through mobile apps are expected to account for 70% of retail sales in the e-commerce industry by 2024. The dominant use of mobile devices in consumers’ online activities introduces a new set of factors that e-commerce teams must consider when developing and optimizing their marketing strategies. In the context of marketing, therefore, the rise of mobile apps means that companies must pay more attention to their apps and their promotion in order to increase their share of sales. Personalization of offers, customized notifications and interactive features are becoming key elements that attract users’ attention and build lasting relationships with customers.

    Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that the importance of mobile apps in marketing is not limited to sales. Companies are increasingly using apps to build communities around their brands, offering unique content, contests or loyalty programs. It is also worth noting that mobile apps enable the collection of data on user preferences, which in turn allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

    3…2…1…Happy New Year!

    The year 2024 promises to be really interesting in the area of marketing. Adopting innovative strategies, adapting to evolving consumer preferences and leveraging advanced technologies will become key success factors for companies seeking to maintain a competitive position in the digital world. If you want to stay abreast of which advertising platforms will experience a revolution this year, which advertising formats will guarantee you a reduction in campaign costs, and want to constantly learn about new strategies and ways to optimize your marketing efforts, be sure to stay up-to-date with the articles published on the Up&More blog. Happy New Year and much success in the industry is wished by our entire team! 

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