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    TikTok took social media by storm during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Isolation from society, boredom and constant staying in one place greatly favored the platform, which offered creative ways to spice up free time, an excess of which suddenly became a problem for many. Culinary trends such as dalgona coffee, short dance routines and a whole new kind of online celebrity made our time at home more enjoyable and made TikTok’s popularity grow at an alarmingly fast pace. Today, up to a billion users log on to the platform every month, so it’s no surprise that it has become a great place for companies of all kinds to showcase their products and services. Promoting yourself on TikTok is possible by collaborating with influencers, creating your own content within your company’s account on the platform, but also in a way closer to all marketers specializing in digital marketing – through the TikTok For Business platform. 

    What opportunities does TikTok For Business offer marketers and how to set up a campaign that will reach TikTok users? You’ll find out all this and more by reading the text below!


    TikTok For Business is a dedicated advertising platform that allows companies to promote their products and services on TikTok. It gives marketers many tools and opportunities to reach a wide audience of TikTok users. Setting up a campaign on this platform is not significantly different from that on the Meta Ads platform, or Snapchat Ads However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are unique features and ad formats that, in several respects, however, set TikTok For Business apart from other social media channel advertising platforms. So let’s break down the process of creating a campaign on TikTok into a few steps to best understand what the tool actually offers us. 

    1. Create a company account on the TikTok For Business platform 

    To start displaying your company’s ads on TikTok, you need to sign up for a business platform belonging to the platform. You will do it in a few minutes, starting from the homepage of TikTok Business Center All you need to do is fill in a few half:

    • basic company information
    • whether you will be advertising your company directly, or perhaps you are a representative of an advertising agency that deals with promotion
    • information needed for billing and a convenient method of payment for advertising activities.

    After this process, you will be ready to conquer TikTok with your business’ ads! So let’s move on to the process of creating your first campaign on TikTok.

    1. Define your marketing objective 

    This is the first, very important stage of creating a campaign on TikTok. You can choose from 7 advertising targets divided into 3 categories, presented as follows:

    • awareness – the target we can choose in this category is  reach,
    • purchase consideration – within this category, there are 4 advertising goals to choose from: traffic, video views, lead acquisition and interactions.
    • conversions – within this category, 2 goals are available: promoting the application and generating conversions on the site.

    Defining a specific advertising goal helps you focus on your main message and campaign strategy. Do you want to increase brand awareness, boost app installs, increase user engagement or achieve specific conversions? Selecting an advertising objective will help you tailor your content and optimize your ads to achieve the desired effect.

    Want to run a campaign on TikTok that gets real results?

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    1. Establish target audience

    Define and create the appropriate audience group for your advertising campaign. You can create a group of custom, or similar audiences. 

    You can choose from a variety of demographics and interests of TikTok users to whom you want your ads to be displayed. In addition to that, you can also specify the locations where you want your ads to be active, as well as target people who have interacted with given creators, hashtags and even specific videos! This allows you to definitely narrow down the target group and present ads only to those people who are most likely to be interested in your company’s offerings. 

    Choose your ad placements as well. This is because TikTok For Business proposes (in addition to placing ads on TikTok itself, of course) to broadcast ads on the Pangle platform, an advertising platform filled with short video formats, allowing you to reach an additional audience.

    TikTok For Business also offers the ability to place ads on the Pangle platform.

    Despite popular belief – TikTok is not just about makeup, dancing and cooking. We can target ads to people interested in technology, art, automotive, and even agriculture, among other things! If you offer products or services belonging to a niche that is hard to break through on other platforms, then TikTok and its huge audience base, as well as the ability to target ads in great detail, can break the bad streak. 

    1. Determine the budget and duration of the campaign

    You have a choice of total budget, or daily budget for the campaign. Then, for ad groups, you can also define at what level you want to keep spending, as well as set a target cost per result. 

    The budget should depend on the advertising objective, the industry, the level of competition on the platform, and the duration of the campaign. This last point is especially important if you are using the total campaign/ad group budget option. Remember also that the minimum daily budget for a campaign on TikTok is 80 PLN.  

    1. Creating an ad

    This step is the place to show off your creativity. Upload a pre-made video to the TikTok For Business advertising platform, or use the tools it offers to create a commercial from scratch using photos, captions, and sounds.  

    When creating advertising material on TikTok, it is important to consider the best practices and limitations involved in running a campaign on this platform. 

    On TikToku, the longest ad can last a maximum of 60 seconds, but it is recommended that videos be much shorter, ideally 9-15 seconds.

    Length is not the only factor you should consider to create effective advertising materials. Here are some other aspects that you should pay attention to:

    • Content: Professionally produced content is usually not well received on TikTok. Content recorded with a smartphone with communication aimed directly at the viewer is the best received.
    • Sound: TikTok is a music app, so choosing the right music for your ads is very important. Take advantage of TikTok’s music library, where you can find trending songs that will help your ads be discovered and avoid copyright issues that can lead to suspension of your account.
    • Subtitles: The inclusion of subtitles and the use of text overlays is just as important as choosing the right music. This is because, paradoxically, some users watch videos on TikTok without sound. Adding subtitles or other text will help attract their attention and ensure that they understand the content of your advertisement.

    Remember that TikTok is a platform that values originality, creativity and authenticity. Experiment with different styles, trends and effects to grab users’ attention and stand out from other content.

    You can also use (with prior authorization) material uploaded by an existing account on TikTok. This format is called Spark Ads and is a great way to implement influencer collaboration into your marketing strategy. 

    1. Publish ads and optimize

    After making sure that both the budget, ad targeting and creative material are in place – it’s time to click “publish”! Now all you have to do is pass a short verification period and your ad will be accepted by the platform. After that, you will be able to observe the results of the campaign in the TikTok ad center panel. 

    It is also possible to make changes to the campaign at any stage, if necessary. It is worthwhile to control the effectiveness of creative resources, test non-standard target groups and control whether our advertising is not limited, for example, by too low a budget. It is also important to regularly optimize the campaign and make sure that we do not lead to advertising material fatigue. TikTok is a very dynamic platform and frequent display of the same ad for more than 2-4 weeks can arouse user resentment. 


    TikTok For Business gives marketers the opportunity to reach a wide audience of TikTok users and use creative ways to promote their business on this platform. It’s the perfect tool if you want to target your company’s ads to an audience of Millenials, or Gen Z. You already know how to set up a campaign in this channel, so what are you waiting for? Start growing your brand with creative ads on the TikTok platform!

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