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More than 50% of internet traffic
is generated thanks to SEO activities

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For centuries, man’s primary dream has been to soar into the sky. Times change, but desires remain the same. Would you like to come with us? See how we can help you build the visibility of your website in natural search results.

Let's start from the beginning. What is SEO?

SEO are activities that build the visibility of your company in search engine results.

The pillar of these activities is the optimization of the website’s code and content in terms of search engine algorithms. But that’s not all. SEO consists of many on-site and off-site processes.

Unlike paid campaigns, SEO activities influence positions in organic results.

Okay, but do you need this?

Your website needs SEO!

A website without SEO is like an airplane without an engine – it may be a high-class jet, but without propulsion it will not be able to get where you want.

See if your website needs SEO?

OK, now let's see what you can gain from it

A package of benefits from SEO activities

The most common element is the fact that your website will be visited by more potential customers interested in your product or service, which will naturally translate into increased sales.

Moreover, these activities have long-term effects, which means savings in the future. You can also get even better results by deciding to support SEO with paid advertising and improving the website’s UX.

More visits, more sales, more profits

Building brand awareness among potential customers

Long-term effects ensure savings in the future

Increased organic conversion combined with SEM activities

A Therefore, it is worth taking care of SEO, preferably with up&More

Why us?

It is not without reason that the leitmotif of our agency from the beginning of its existence has been an airplane flying upwards.

94% of our clients achieve a visibility increase of more than 25%

Up&More is the best Polish marketing agency of 2022!

The best, because we brought the most awards to Poland in 2022. Awards granted by objective jurors at prestigious international events.

We have extensive experience

We have been conducting and systematically developing our SEO competences for over 9 years, constantly responding to new trends in Google algorithms.

9 years on the market
150 Customers
Campaigns around the world

We are a Premium Partner of Google and Whitepress

Global brands with a huge impact on SEO count us among their premium partners. This gives us unique opportunities in positioning your website.

Our activities bring tangible benefits to our clients

See how what we did affected our clients. The vast majority of them stay with us for many years. They do it by choice, not compulsion – appreciating the effects of our work.

Pizza Dominium

2 416 ROI

Panek S.A.

Visibility increase +186%

Salistat SGL03

Conversion +28%
What will you gain by choosing SEO with Up&More?

A team of specialists at your service

There are people behind Up&More – real specialists with experience, knowledge and skills.
We have our own departments with a wide range of specializations, including: SEM, Social Media, Dev, Creation, Strategy. Each of these departments is ready to support positioning with their contribution. You can use their services depending on your needs to achieve the best results!

Don't like to take our word for it? You don't have to do this anymore!

Transparency is included in the price

We regularly provide a full report so that you know that our remuneration is based on real work.
We do not bind you with long contracts. You decide how long we will cooperate!

Join the group of our clients

We are pleased to invite you to the group of high-class clients! Check if we still have vacancies on board.

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5 yearscooperation
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We are open
for you!

If you want to know more, let us know! We'll talk and We will help you dispel any doubts. Write to us or call.

Piotr Starzyński
Managing Partner w Up&More

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