Online store positioning

E-commerce SEO – the most important tips

If you have your own online store, you need to ensure that it generates traffic, which will ultimately translate into sales. Traffic on the store’s website may come from various sources, including:

  • Social Media
  • Paid search advertising
  • Organic search results (SEO)

And to achieve success when selling on the Internet, you need to combine all these channels. However, here we will focus on acquiring organic traffic.

Professional SEO audit and selection of key phrases

Positioning an online store requires a specific, multi-faceted approach to work. Preparing a professional SEO audit should always be the first step in e-commerce work. The SEO audit should include, among others, the following elements:

  • verification of duplication of internal content (in the area of category descriptions and metadata),
  • verification of the website structure and what subpages the website is composed of,
  • analysis of page loading speed,
  • verification of page indexing,
  • analysis of rules contained in the robots.txt file,
  • or errors in the area of 3XX, 4XX in internal linking.

The selection of key phrases already at the SEO Audit stage is an element that is definitely worth considering. Verifying what keyword phrases a website is currently displayed for and what phrases it should be displayed for is a very useful addition when planning an SEO strategy.

Positioning and optimization of an online store

In the case of an online store, the implementation of technical optimization resulting from the technical audit prepared at the beginning of cooperation should be a key element of optimization activities. Positioning an online store is an extremely complex and long-term process which, if started well, will bring tangible benefits over time. Therefore, it is extremely important to prepare a proper action plan.

E-commerce SEO (on-site SEO)

When deciding on the positioning of an online store, it is worth being aware of the benefits that operating in this area can bring to your business. First of all, when starting cooperation with the Agency, it is worth talking about possible goals. But what exactly should you hold an SEO agency accountable for? In the case of positioning an online store, you should talk to the Agency about the store’s visibility, traffic, and possibly the position of key phrases.

Building visibility in organic search results may ultimately translate into greater website traffic. This, in turn, may or may not translate directly into sales. Whether increased organic traffic will translate into conversions depends on the nature of the products we offer and, for example, their price. Lower value products are often purchased on impulse. In the case of more expensive products, the customer often verifies its price in other stores, or simply leaves our store and then returns to it, either through SEO or remarketing using paid advertising.

Effective positioning of online stores – how to do it right?

If you want to effectively position your online store, you need to start with a good plan. The positioning plan should be prepared by an SEO specialist who has experience in comprehensively managing projects of this type. But what are the key principles of good store positioning in Google?

First of all, you should take care of technical issues first to eliminate things that block you from achieving any positions in Google’s organic search results.

Secondly, you should ensure the proper structure of the online store, preparing the most extensive category tree of your store possible, so that you can also try to increase the number of keyword phrases for which your online store will be displayed. You must also not forget about running a blog. On the one hand, it will have an image-building effect, on the other hand, it may be a great place for internal linking, either to key categories or key products.

Link-building – this aspect related to domain positioning should also be remembered. Obtaining valuable links to the home page, categories, or even products will increase the Crawl Budget of the positioned domain, which should translate into the fact that our online store will be visited more often by search engine robots, and therefore, it will have greater chances to achieve high positions for the keywords we are interested in.

Positioning of an online store with the Up&More agency is:

  • Individual approach
  • Direct contact with an SEO specialist
  • Transparency in reporting the positioning results of your online store
  • Focus on gaining traffic from valuable phrases

Online store SEO is the key to success!

SEO may not be the only key to the success of your online store, but it is definitely one of the keys. First of all, you must be aware that diversification of traffic sources for your online store should be one of the foundations of your overall online strategy. As indicated above. SEO can increase traffic on the website and can also directly contribute to conversions in the store, but that’s not always how it works.

However, if you run a business and want to be present on the Internet, you should do it through all possible channels, including SEO, to be able to build awareness of your brand as widely as possible.

How to position an online store?

The positioning of an online store is slightly different from the positioning of, for example, a service website. The main difference lies in how dynamic the store websites are. In the case of online stores, the structure of the website may change dynamically. Product categories may appear or be removed. Products may simply run out. Also, when positioning an online store, you must, first of all, be aware that it looks completely different than in the case of a service website.

When positioning an online store, you should ensure the uniqueness of category descriptions and, if possible, to a reasonable extent, product descriptions. You should also make sure that the category tree is as extensive as possible to be able to fight for visibility for as many keywords as possible. Systematic blogging should be a complement to the content marketing strategy that we should prepare.

An important factor in the area of store positioning is also, among others, internal linking and the flow of the so-called link power, which should reach all valuable categories, but also the products we care about the most. Often, a good solution is to create a new module that includes internal linking.

Additionally, it is also worth monitoring products when they are added or removed from the online store for possible redirections or implementing other functions that will improve the operation of the online store.

We must also not forget about systematically expanding the link profile, which has a very large impact on the SEO of the online store.

As you can see, positioning an online store is a very complex process that includes a multitude of seemingly unrelated elements.

Link building for an online store - what exactly is it?

Linking an online store is the process of obtaining links to your store. Building a valuable and diversified link profile may consequently have a positive impact on the visibility of your online store in the Google search engine. As the Up&More Agency, we will obtain valuable links on your behalf, which over time will positively affect the results of your store!

We increase sales in the store thanks to changes on the website

If you are interested in content marketing activities, please contact us using the form or phone number. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need!

How much does it cost to position an online store?

Taking into account how complex the process of positioning an online store is, a reasonable financial contribution on a monthly basis should be at least PLN 2,000. This type of amount may allow you to carry out activities that will actually translate into the results achieved by your store. Of course, it would be much more recommended to invest a larger amount, because it would allow you to optimize the number of activities carried out in the area of content created or acquired links. And, consequently, to achieve the intended results faster.

How long does it take to position an online store? How long does it take to see the effects?

Multidimensional content expansion in the online store

Online store positioning is characterized by multidimensional content development. This concept includes preparing content for the home page, categories, blog, possible guide, or products.

We offer online store positioning tailored to your needs and capabilities

As Agencja 360, we are able to offer you online store positioning that is tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. We have an internal SEO department consisting of SEO specialists and a copywriter who will prepare dedicated content for your website.

What does the store positioning process look like at the Up&More agency?

The process of positioning an online store in Up&More is characterized by the following stages:

  • Technical audit
  • Preparing the category tree
  • Implementation of assumptions resulting from the technical audit
  • Starting cyclical activities in the area of preparing and implementing content, as well as conducting the link-building process

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