Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most important pillars of SEO activities. For several years now, Google has been clearly communicating that without constantly creating original and high-quality content, there is no chance of achieving high positions in organic search results.

However, not everyone needs to have time to create long, attractive blog entries or information content. Not everyone has to be a master of writing or simply know all the languages into which their website has been translated.

In such a case, Up&More comes to the rescue with its comprehensive Content Marketing service. Many years of experience in conducting SEO activities allow us to easily respond to every need of our clients related to content creation. And in 2023, there may be many such needs!

The starting point for determining content marketing needs for a specific client should always be the content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategy

What exactly is a content marketing strategy? It is a strategy for communicating a given brand online by publishing its signature content. We can describe such activities as content marketing. headquarters.

As specialists in the content marketing industry, we can easily prepare a content marketing strategy for your company. The first element of creating a content marketing strategy is, of course, determining the goals it is to serve, and there can be many of them:

  • Website development
  • Building brand awareness
  • Building the position of an expert in a given industry
  • Increase the organic visibility of the website, which will translate into traffic
  • Building the position of an expert in a given industry
  • Preparation for foreign expansion of a given business

After determining the goals of your content marketing strategy, you should consider who the target audience for your content is. It is with this group in mind that we will choose among the possible methods by which we will achieve our goals. These methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Running a company blog
  • Creating a news section
  • Publication of PR articles
  • Publication of sponsored articles
  • Promotion of created content on social media
  • Guest publications as experts on a given topic on industry portals

The final stage of creating a content marketing strategy is to determine the specific needs of a given client in the context of content writing. Our extensive experience allows us to meet any, even the most complex, need related to content marketing.

Our portfolio of content marketing services includes:

Creating content plans

Content plan is a very detailed development of the content marketing strategy and is a tool for implementing it. Our content plans are based on the analysis of topics, issues and keywords that should be addressed as part of content marketing activities. We determine what, when and in what quantity is worth publishing in order to achieve the goals set in our content marketing strategy. In the case of large projects, a content plan is particularly important because it allows you to fully and systematically cover all previously established thematic areas, without the risk of omitting a niche or single keywords that may bring additional traffic to the website.

Creating blog entries

Running a blog is now a necessity if we want good organic positioning. We create quality entries based on materials provided by the client, but also on our own research. Our blog entries are always original content that is intended to be a source of valuable information for potential recipients. In the process of writing articles, we always take into account the keywords established in the content plan and never forget to follow the optimization principles that Google takes into account when determining the ranking of search results.

Creating specialized articles

Specialized articles require deep research and huge resources of knowledge on a given topic, we always create them in close cooperation with the client, so that every fact presented in the content is 100% covered in fact. This is particularly important for us because it influences building the client’s image as an expert in a given industry.

Creating product descriptions for e-commerce

Building an online store requires creating a huge amount of content. Each product added to the website must have an original description if we want good organic results. In this case, we also come to help. We create interesting, perfectly SEO-optimized product descriptions that will help you succeed in online sales.

Creating title and description meta data content

Title and description meta data, although they have less impact on SEO activities than before, are still particularly important. They are the user’s first contact with the website in the search results. Even if we appear in the first position on Google, we still have to encourage the user to visit our website. We create meta title and description content taking into account the search engine requirements regarding their structure and length, but also adding an effective call to action.

Web content creation

Building a new website involves the need to create encouraging content, optimized for SEO. We create website content that is interesting, linguistically correct, marketing attractive, but also takes into account SEO requirements and contains keywords selected for positioning.

Creating content in foreign languages

Any type of content we create can also be written in foreign languages. We have extensive experience operating on international markets and cooperate with professional translators working in both popular and less frequently used languages.

Creating content for external/sponsored articles

We adapt the sponsored articles we write to the characteristics and requirements of the portals on which they are to appear. We take into account all the assumptions of the content plan, as well as the placement of keywords in their content, so as to naturally include outbound links. The articles we create are always optimized for positioning and encourage visitors to visit the client’s website.

Optimization of content provided by the client

For clients who want to create content for their own website or external portals, we offer a content optimization service to meet the requirements of the Google search engine. We analyze the content provided by the client for SEO, taking into account the assumptions of the content plan and placing keywords in them appropriately so that they are easily indexed in the search engine.

If you are interested in content marketing activities, please contact us using the form or phone number. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need!