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    Optimization of processes has led to the creation of many plugins in WordPress. The need to be on the front pages of search engines, in the easiest way possible, has led to the creation of such plugins as Yoast SEO, and All in One SEO, among others. The easiest, of course, depends on whether we can properly use what they offer us. In this article, we want to take a closer look at the activities of the two leaders in the seo plugin category in WordPress. The comparison will be on the basic (free) versions.

    Yoast and All in one - comparison of SEO plugins for WordPress


    Both plugins are available in the plugins directory, which is located in the cockpit (admin panel). All you need to do is enter the appropriate names, install and enable. Remember to keep your installed plugins up to date – in addition to the obvious new features that may come with new versions, an important consideration is that outdated versions of plugins can lead to attacks on the site.

    How do I find the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress?


    After finding the plugin in the directory and enabling it, you need to do some basic configuration. The plugin is available in a polished version and even though some functions are not translated it is easy to guess what it is all about. Besides, the text can be highlighted and translated with any of the publicly available translators.

    yoast seo plugin wordpress

    After installing and enabling the plugin, you will find it in the gray bar in the admin panel, which should be on the left side. The first tabs to click through and complete are: First Configuration, Features and Tools. The last one easily allows you to connect your site to Google Search Console, among other things. The first configuration will allow you to fill in the basic data – site type, logo, types of posts you want to be visible, site title, which will default to each new page.

    first steps wordpress yoast seo plugin

    When enabled, the plugin will make a window appear while editing each page, which will allow you to add meta tags and perform text analysis for key phrases or length. If you want to populate the meta tags in bulk under Yoast SEO>Settings, you can globally set the meta title description schema as well as the meta description schema once. However, keep in mind that setting the meta description schema is just the beginning of the work in the optimization area of the individual tab page.

    In the Tools>File Editor tab, in turn, we can reach the editing of such files as robots.txt and .htaccess. When editing, in particular, the .htaccess file from the position of the Yoast SEO plugin, you need to be extremely careful not to lead to errors in the site area that will lead to a lack of performance. We definitely do not recommend editing the .htaccess file through the said plug-in. Editing this file is best done through an FTP client, having a back up of the said file prepared.

    All in One SEO Pack

    As in the previous example, after finding AIOSEO in the plugins directory, installing it and enabling it, we proceed to the configuration, which should run automatically once enabled. Here you will similarly see: category/type of site to choose from, title and description of the homepage. The first configuration does not require technical knowledge. For this plugin, the information is provided in English.

    all in one seo plugin wordpress

    Functions-only-on-Yoast SEO

    The great value in Yoast SEO in the basic version is content analysis with suggestions, supporting especially beginners. Configuration of crumb navigation (breadcrumbs) and editing of direct links are also features of this plugin.

    • analysis of the readability of posts, with suggestions
    • analysis of key phrases
    • ability to edit internal link structure
    • configuration wizard
    • edit direct links

    Functions Only in All in One SEO

    This plugin offers options that may be useful to more advanced users even in the basic version. For beginners, site performance data or duplication may be too demanding.

    • block malicious robots
    • advanced authoring option settings
    • possibility to connect to Google Analytics
    • management of site performance

    Functions common to both plugins

    Both plugins include basic functions useful for optimizing your site. Generating a site map, connecting to Google Search Console or managing content indexing and meta data which is important especially for larger sites.

    Common features for both plugins are:

    • ability to generate sitemap.xml file
    • management of indexation of content, subpages and media
    • connection with Google Search Console
    • ability to add meta data (meta title, meta description) collectively and individually
    • management of social media meta tags
    • editing robots.txt and .htaccess files

    Summary of Yoast SEO and All in One SEO comparison

    Both plugins have their pros and cons. Yoast SEO seems to be the best choice for beginners on the path of SEO, who so far have not had much to do with the subject of positioning pages in organic search results and do not have much knowledge on the subject. Its intuitiveness, which All in One SEO sometimes lacks, is also an undeniable advantage. However, this is not an argument to abandon this plugin – many options and settings make it the first choice for those who are more advanced and familiar with the technical sides of website operation. In particular, it suits the needs of online stores.
    Which plugin to choose? The answer to this question will be to determine the type of site and the requirements to be met.

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