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    We now have a variety of social media platforms available where we can create ads for our businesses. Among these various platforms is LinkedIn, which stands out as a place where a professional community focused more on business topics than strictly on entertainment and photos. For entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals in various industries, it is a field for building relationships, generating leads and strengthening the brand.

    LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising tools to help companies reach their target audience in an effective way. As befits any advertising system, here, too, you can choose many types of campaigns to successfully achieve your marketing goals. To make it easier for you to find your way around, I’ll tell you a bit about what the different types of campaigns on Linkedin entail.

    What is LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn has made a name for itself as a professional social networking platform that provides not only a space for building a professional network, but also an effective tool for conducting business. Inaugurated in 2003 and created specifically for professionals, it allows users to create and manage a professional professional profile, make business contacts, share industry-related content and participate in various discussions. LinkedIn is also a place where companies can build their image, run marketing campaigns, search for new employees or attract potential customers. With its professional and business characteristics, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to effectively create business relationships, exchange knowledge and promote a professional path. Although no one thought so at the beginning, over time LinkedIn has proven to be not only a social network, but also a strategic tool for entrepreneurs, professionals and companies that aspire to succeed in the business world.

    Is LinkedIn free?

    LinkedIn offers both free and paid options for using the platform. You can sign up for a free account and use a number of features, such as creating a profile, networking, viewing content and participating in discussions. However, there is also a paid model that allows access to additional features and tools.

    Premium LinkedIn services, such as LinkedIn Premium Career, LinkedIn Premium Business, or Sales Navigator, offer additional benefits, such as more InMails (messages to people outside your network), access to profile viewing statistics, the ability to view profiles anonymously, or better job or client search tools in the case of Sales Navigator.

    The cost of using premium services is usually monthly and depends on the option chosen. However, a free LinkedIn account is fully functional and, for the average individual, still allows you to take advantage of many of the opportunities offered by this social networking platform.

    The free LinkedIn account is fully functional and, for the average individual, still allows you to take advantage of many of the opportunities offered by this social platform.

    Why is it worthwhile to act on LinkedIn?

    Carrying out paid campaigns on LinkedIn can involve a variety of aspects that will help you achieve your business goals. By engaging in this type of activity, your company can achieve benefits such as:

    • Increase your visibility and recognition, which translates into greater awareness of your brand, products or services among platform users.
    • Generate more traffic to your own company website or other landing page, which can support relationship building with potential customers.
    • Generate a wider audience for content, such as posts and videos, which enables you to reach more people interested in a particular topic.
    • Gain new customers by targeting a campaign to a specific audience, which increases the chances of gaining new customers.
    • Increase conversions by motivating users to take a specific action, such as visiting a website or downloading informational materials.
    • Effectively search for candidates for open positions in your company. LinkedIn will enable you to find the right, competent people to fill important positions in your company.

    In short, campaigns on LinkedIn have the potential to serve a variety of purposes, supporting your company’s growth and operations. In a nutshell, – it’s worth giving this social media platform a chance.

    Advertising goals on LinkedIn

    • Brand awareness

    This goal involves increasing brand awareness among platform users. By strategically placing promotional content, articles or ads in the news stream, the company aims to make more people aware of its existence and begin to associate it with certain values, products or services. A key indicator of success in this case is the increase in the number of users who associate the brand with a particular industry or offering.

    • Interest

    More often than not, such campaigns are designed to elicit positive reactions and active user participation in interactions with the brand. This can include clicks on advertising content, sharing posts, commenting or clicking on links that lead to the company’s website, or watching videos. In the case of interest, the company aims to engage users in a way that allows them to better understand the brand’s offerings and build more positive relationships.

    • Conversions

    The purpose of conversions on LinkedIn focuses on motivating users to take a specific action that translates into achieving specific business goals. This could include, for example, buying a product, filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or other actions that are critical to the success of the company. The key success indicator in this case is the number of users who performed the desired action in response to the advertising campaign.

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    Types of advertising on LinkedIn

    The platform offers a variety of advertising formats, covering both basic and LinkedIn-only specific ones, allowing you to run effective and diverse campaigns. You can find here such types of ads as: 

    • Single image (This is probably the most popular form of advertising on LinkedIn. It consists of a single graphic and text. It displays on the main board and redirects the recipient directly to a specific landing page)
    • Carousel (consists of two or more images presented in the form of a carousel)
    • Video advertisement (these are video ads of 3 seconds to 3 minutes in length, but shorter videos of no more than 15-20 seconds are recommended. The ad includes a headline, short text and CTA)
    • Text ads (displays only on computers and consists of text of up to 100 characters and an image. It appears in the right column or at the top of the portal)
    • Spotlight ads (a format unique to LinkedIn, adapts to a specific user using information from their profile. Appears only on the computer and directs the user to a specific landing page)
    • Message ads (are native ads displayed in the inbox of LinkedIn users. In-message ads contain a single CTA button and display on both desktop and mobile devices)
    • Conversation (another ad format dedicated exclusively to LinkedIn. It appears in inboxes and has the appearance of a standard message)
    • Event (once you create an event on LinkedIn, you can promote your event to your target audience with an event advertising campaign)
    • Job offers (with this format, which belongs to sponsored content type ads, you can promote a single job offer that has been published on LinkedIn. Note that this type is only available if you select the Candidates objective next to job listings).


    LinkedIn is an essential tool in the professional world, offering a range of opportunities for professionals and companies. It’s a place where you can focus on building your professional image, making valuable industry contacts, finding new employment opportunities or recruiting employees. By sharing your experiences and achievements, you can build your expertise in your field. For companies, it’s an opportunity to promote products, attract customers and take advantage of marketing tools. LinkedIn also offers an educational platform through which you can develop professional skills. In today’s business world, a presence on LinkedIn is becoming an essential part of building a career and effectively conducting business.

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