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    Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn works? How is it possible that some posts get hundreds of likes, while others, despite high-quality content, go unnoticed? The answer lies in a mysterious algorithm. 

    From the following text, you will learn how the algorithm works, what factors influence its operation and how you can use it to your advantage. Whether you’re a newcomer to LinkedIn or a seasoned marketing professional, this post will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to increase your visibility and effectiveness on this platform.

    How does the LinkedIn algorithm work?

    The LinkedIna algorithm works based on certain rules and principles, which are key to understand if you want to use this platform effectively. First of all, Li’s algorithm personalizes the content that appears on your feed based on your interests and interactions. This means that the more you engage with certain content, the more similar content you will see in the future. 

    Algorithm focuses on quality, not quantity. High-quality content that generates a lot of interaction is positioned, while low-quality content is suppressed. It also prefers content that is original and unique to that which is often copied or repeated. 

    Know that the LinkedIna algorithm is constantly being updated and adjusted, so what works today may not work tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    Publication frequency

    Publication frequency on LinkedIn is crucial to the effectiveness of your strategy. Posting too infrequently can make your presence on the platform invisible, while posting too frequently can discourage your audience. The best solution is to find the golden mean – publish content regularly, but without overdoing it. Focus on publishing valuable content on a regular basis, such as once a week. This will help you build a loyal audience that will look forward to your new posts.

    Golden hour

    The Golden Hour is a key element of the LinkedIn algorithm that has a critical impact on the reach of your posts. This means the first hour after a post is published, when interactions are most important. The In algorithm analyzes how quickly your content generates interactions – the more and faster, the better. That’s why it’s worth investing time in properly planning the timing of your publication to increase your chances of getting more reactions. Remember that LinkedIn is a business platform, so business hours are the most active. Use the Golden Hour for your social media strategy and see your visibility on this channel grow.

    How does LinkedIn’s algorithm shape visibility?

    The LinkedIn algorithm works by evaluating and sorting content according to its value. The first step is to automatically scan posts for spam or inappropriate content. It then evaluates the quality of the post and the profile it came from. Interactions are important here – the more people respond to your post, the higher it is placed. The algorithm also takes into account your network of contacts – it shows you content from the people you interact with most often. Therefore, building a strong network of contacts is key to increasing your visibility on LinkedIn

    How to increase engagement under posts?

    Understanding how LinkedIn works is one thing, but to really succeed, you need to understand how your network works. Each person you connect with has their own unique interests, goals and motivations. That’s why it’s important to tailor your content to your audience. Remember, it’s not just about what you want to say, but more importantly, what your network wants to hear.

    • Regular publishing is key, but what you publish is equally important. Create content that is valuable to your network. Your posts should not only be interesting, but also educational and inspiring. It could be an interesting article, an inspiring quote, or practical advice. Share content that is relevant to your industry and that will be interesting to your network. Remember that value can take many forms, and what is valuable to one person may not be valuable to another. That’s why it’s important to know your network and tailor your content to it. The LinkedIn algorithm prefers posts that generate long-lasting discussions. That’s why it’s worth investing time in creating content that will prompt your audience to interact.
    • Correctly tagging and using hashtags is another key to increasing the visibility of your profile. Hashtags help other users find your content, and tagging people or companies increases the chances of interactions.
    • Maintaining a professional tone is another important aspect. LinkedIn is a business platform, so it’s important to maintain professionalism. But remember, professionalism doesn’t mean a lack of personality. Show your unique personality and be authentic. This will help you establish a genuine relationship with your network.
    • Active participation in the discussion is last but not least. It is not enough to just publish content. You must also engage in conversations, respond to comments and be an active participant in the LinkedIn community.

    Statistically, success on LinkedIn depends on the quality of your network of contacts, the content you publish, and your commitment to interacting with other users. The more active contacts you have, the better your chances of increasing engagement.

    These errors avoid

    Although LinkedIn is a business platform, some actions can hurt your visibility. 

    • Avoid spamming. Sending unwanted messages or sharing posts excessively can discourage your network and damage your image. 
    • Another mistake is the lack of regularity in publishing content. LinkedIn rewards activity, so try to be consistent. 
    • Also avoid publishing non-business related content. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform, so maintaining the right tone is key. 
    • Avoid low-quality publications. Posts that are full of errors, unclear, or unrelated to your business can damage your reputation. 
    • Tagging people excessively or using too many hashtags can be seen as spam. Instead, focus on creating valuable content that engages your audience and builds your brand. 
    • The last mistake is to ignore interactions. If someone comments on your post, write back. This will show that you are engaged and willing to talk.

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    Summary, mastering the LinkedIn algorithm is not just a technical matter, but more importantly the ability to build relationships and engage in interactions. Ultimately, the key to success on Li is to constantly adapt your strategy to changing conditions. Observe how your posts are received, analyze the results and modify your actions based on that. This is the only way you can achieve success.

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