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    The Google Chrome browser has long been one of the most popular browsers in the world, and it is the one used by the most users. If you work in marketing on a daily basis, whether you’re running campaigns for clients, implementing analytics, configuring GA4, or creating content Chrome plugins will make your life easier. In this article, I’ll show you the extensions I use myself, suggest other plugins that are worth choosing, and give you tips on how you can use them.

    The most necessary Google Chrome plugins for the digital marketing specialist

    To begin with – what are plugins for Chrome?

    Plug-ins are otherwise known as extensions that can be installed in the Google Chrome browser to add various functionalities and customize the browser for your needs. Some Chrome plug-ins run in the background, some can automatically run when you browse certain websites, and some you only enable when you need to use them.

    Where can I find plugins for Google Chrome?

    To do so, I invite you to Chrome Web Store, which is Google’s online store for the Chrome web browser. Here you will find a total of more than 120,000 extensions and nearly 30,000 themes. Themes, as the name suggests, are used to change the appearance of your browser. It’s not just a mere change of background in your Chrome, but often you can also choose the best color scheme for you or change the look of the whole interface. 

    Everything is separated into various categories to make it easier to find what you need. However, for the sake of your productivity, I must warn you, though – scrolling through the Chrome Store sucks you in as much as scrolling through Facebook 😉 

    How to install an extension in Chrome browser?

    It’s as simple as installing an app on your phone. Once you’ve selected the plug-in you want in the Chrome store, just click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and your extension will install. You don’t have to worry about any fees for downloading a plugin, as they are all completely free. 

    It is very important to remember that after downloading the plugin, you still need to enable it in your browser. To do this, in the search bar, where you most often type in URLs, you will see a gray puzzle icon – this is the extensions on the right. When you click it, you will be shown the entire list of plug-ins that you have downloaded and saved in your browser. If you want to run any of them, just click the pin next to the plugin you want. This way you will pin it to your browser and have it at your fingertips all the time. 

    You can also get to the collection and management of your plug-ins faster – just type chrome://extensions/ in your browser. 

    16 best plugins for marketing professionals

    The marketing industry is as vast and varied as the number of plugins possible in the Chrome browser. In order to make it easier for you to find something for you, I divided this section according to the topics you might deal with when working in a agency marketing 

    1. Plugins for the SEM specialist

    Do you create PPC campaigns in both Google and Meta and additionally do analytics in GA4? This overview is for you!

    With this plugin you will check the validity of running tags on your site. You will see information about Google Ads tags, Google Analytics or even Google Tag Manager In addition, you can see more detailed information about, for example, the path or events it can perform on a given web page. This will help you catch any problems or errors faster.

    This is one of those plugins that makes life very easy on a daily basis, especially for Google Ads and Google Analytics users. Thanks to it, you have the possibility to approach heat maps in your tables, but also the lowest or highest values in the charts that is, the so-called anomalies. I guarantee you that when you start using this plugin, data analysis will be much clearer for you.

    The plugin is used to detect if there is a Facebook Pixel on our site. If you have a Pixel implemented on your site, you will see basic information about it in the plugin window, such as its ID or an executed event. 

    This is an indispensable plugin for anyone involved in analytics! With it, you can preview the Google Analytics tracking code and see its performance on your site on a regular basis. Using this plugin will make your work easier for all kinds of implementations (e.g. GA4), because you will be able to preview what data is sent by the tracking code to the servers, and thus check in real time if it is implemented correctly.  

    A plug-in that is very helpful when you need to quickly clear your cookie on a given page, for the purpose of, for example, redisplaying marketing consents. It is also useful when verifying that consent mode is working properly on our site. 

    1. Plugins for the SEO specialist

    This is one of the most important for any SEO professional, but useful for webmasters as well. It allows us to analyze a page for SEO by informing us about meta tags, headings, tells us how many outbound links we have and inside our site, and shows the number of indexed subpages within the site. 

    With this plugin you can easily see which links on your site have nofollow parameter. After using this plugin, each link that has this attribute will be surrounded by a red frame, making it easy to spot.

    Good addition if you already use the Open SEO Stats plugin. Conductor will help you quickly check popular keywords for a given website and display their position. In addition, the plugin offers another great – health check. This is a good alternative to Google Speed Insights if you don’t happen to have it at hand. 

    This plugin will quickly answer the question of what CMS the page you are viewing is on. In addition, you can preview whether there are Google Ads, Google Analytics or FB Pixel tracking scripts on the site. 

    A WordPress plugin that probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone in the industry. This extension will help you optimize your fresh blog post for SEO. With it, you have the ability to add meta tags, improve the length of sentences in the post and rework their structure. In addition, the plugin will create a sitemap.xml for you. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a plugin strictly for SEO and will not do all the work for you 🙂 🙂

    Make your daily work easier!

    Despite using Google Chrome plugins, are you still not getting the results you want from your performance efforts? Contact us and let’s talk about the perfect strategy for your business.

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    1. Plugins useful in content marketing

    This plugin is very helpful for keyword research. It will not replace professional keyword analysis, but it can give you some hints. Just type and search for any keyword in Google, and the extension will show you related words and suggestions for similar queries. You can also perform a site analysis with the help of this plugin. Using such a solution, you will find out where on the page the keywords of interest occur and how often they are used. 

    A plug-in that continuously checks the correctness of the written text. It catches errors not only in a text document, but also, for example, when you write a post on social media. 

    It will help us organize any articles we browse while looking for inspiration for our next activities. 

    1. Other

    A good alternative to the “Print Screen” key that everyone knows. If you want to take an unusual screenshot of, for example, a specific part of an image or text, the Lightshot plug-in will work much better than the popular shortcut. 

    This is probably one of the best plugins to help translate both whole pages and text fragments. It’s worth making friends with it, but keep in mind that it’s no substitute for professional translations, and it’s worth confronting it either with someone who knows a particular language or, for example, comparing how translation is handled by chat GPT, which is also quite good at it. 

    Finally, I left a typical everyday pleasantry 🙂 When you turn on your Chrome browser, it will greet you (by name, of course) with a photo from a beautiful place in the world and a question, for example, about your mood or plans for today. Sometimes the plug-in will also toss us some inspirational quote, just in time for a good start of the day. 

    As you can see, such lists of the most necessary plugins could be created endlessly. The Chrome Store has them to choose from, to color, and everyone will find something suitable for them. This is a great way to make your daily work easier and I highly encourage you to do so. 

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    Dominika Andrejko
    Dominika Andrejko

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