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    Hi, you probably already know what is SEO? After all, we’ve been writing about nothing else for a few months now 😊 I also hope that I’ve managed to convince you of the validity of SEO and that it’s not worth giving up. If not, I’ll once again refer you to the article about the advantages of SEO and today we’ll talk about a somewhat related topic, namely SEO copywriters.

    SEO copywriter - what is his job?

    There is a special kind of writers/authors who are specialized in creating the kind of content that search engines expect. Such people have some limited but specific SEO knowledge, which they use to create SEO-friendly content. When hiring such a person, we should be guaranteed that the content we get will not only be useful to users, but will also have high value in the eyes of the search engine robot.

    What does an SEO Copywriter do?

    SEO Copywriter, as already mentioned, writes content with the main goal of getting high positions in Google search. In detail:

    • Writes original content such as for example blog posts, product descriptions, category descriptions;
    • Knows how to select and include relevant keywords in the content, making the article more valuable in the eyes of a search engine;
    • Selects and optimizes the article title based on keyword analysis;
    • Optimizes the introductory paragraph of the so-called introduction and the article summary;
    • Uses language and wording that the search engine understands;
    • Uses entities and facts to gain authority in the eyes of the search engine;

    What tools does an SEO Copywriter use?

    The work of an SEO Copywriter requires knowledge of a number of tools that allow him to more effectively assess the content’s value through the eyes of Google’s robot. One such tool is SEO Surfer, a review of which will probably soon appear on the blog framework, or Semrush. The latter, for a change, we have already described more extensively on our blog. If you are interested in the topic of this SEO tool read about Semrush’s features.

    What distinguishes a copywriter from an SEO copywriter?

    The SEO Copywriter’s job is by no means to stuff content with keywords. The final article must also be well-written and should have value for the user. In other words, an SEO copywriter should balance writing for search engines and writing for people.

    The copywriter, on the other hand, creates content intended for users, without considering the context of search engines. So this usually means the need for subsequent optimization of such text. Of course, provided that we care about gaining organic traffic and it is not a strictly advertising text, for example, intended for a campaign.

    Copywriter SEO vs. SEO specialist

    SEO copywriter is by no means a specialist or  SEO expert His or her knowledge is limited to creating texts, optimizing them, and sometimes performing keyword analysis.

    An SEO specialist has much broader knowledge and often directs and coordinates the work of an SEO copywriter on the basis of the adopted positioning strategy


    SEO copywriter writes content that ranks highly in organic results. By using the right language, employing keywords and taking other aspects into account, an SEO copywriter can help your site achieve more traffic. More traffic means more conversions, improved image or the possibility of remarketing. Here it all depends on the strategy adopted for the SEO campaign

    If you are not working with an SEO agency or freelancer then using SEO copywriters seems to be a necessity. Otherwise, i.e. if you have an SEO service it is not a necessity, but it still seems like a wise move.

    In summary, qualified SEO copywriting specialists know how to write compelling texts that appeal to both people and search engine algorithms. As a result, they can help you attract more users to your site – and you’ll have a chance to convert them into your customers.

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    Piotr Starzyński
    Piotr Starzyński

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