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    SEMrush is a comprehensive digital marketing tool that provides companies of all calibers with valuable data to help them make informed decisions about their digital marketing strategy. SEMrush offers a suite of tools to help companies with keyword research, position tracking, traffic analysis and more.

    Semrush - advantages and disadvantages

    Also, SEMrush can be used to spy on competitors, explore paid advertising opportunities and track the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Let’s take a look at the advantages and features of this tool. To begin with, let’s take a look at each of the functionality mentioned above.

    Competition research

    SEMrush offers a number of competitive research tools that allow you to see how your site compares to the competition in the SERPs. This information can be used to develop an SEO strategy and help identify areas that need improvement. In addition, the tools in the Competitive Research section can be used to spy on your competitors’ paid advertising campaigns, so you can find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on and how much budget they are spending.

    You can also analyze your rivals’ ads, create attractive ad texts and assign new ads to a group using SEMrush. Keywords must be searched individually. You can also study keyword variations, track search volume and trends, and add new keywords to your ads. With just a few clicks, you can get things in order for your campaign. The SEMrush PPC tool can help you improve your overall paid search strategy.

    Domain Overview

    The Domain Overview tool gives you the ability to evaluate the basic metrics of all domains on the web, so you can see how they are performing in various metrics. They include Authority Score, Organic and Paid Search Traffic, and Backlinks, among others.

    Domain overview is one of the most useful features of SEMrush. It allows users to view key statistics for their own website or any other website they are interested in: local competitors, national competitors, and even companies in other markets.

    The SEMrush Domain Review is one of the most useful features of SEMrush.

    You can constantly monitor your current performance or compare it to your competitors to see where you need to improve. You can also evaluate the growth of a domain’s visibility over time.

    The domain’s visibility can also be evaluated over time.

    Page traffic

    Measuring your site traffic is essential to understanding the keywords you are ranking for on Google, as well as the pages that each keyword leads to. Also consider: who is visiting your site and where they are located


    The SEMrush traffic analysis tool not only reveals the number of visits to your site over a specific time period, but also averages statistics such as the number of pages viewed per visit, time spent on the site and average rejection rate. You can also see trends by device type, traffic source and other parameters.

    Keyword analysis

    This data is valuable because it helps you understand how people search for what you have to offer. This is an extremely useful tool that you’ll want to use when creating new SEO efforts or PPC campaigns.

    All you have to do is enter the keywords or phrases you’re interested in, and in return you’ll get data such as search volume, average cost per click, degree of difficulty, changes in keyword related questions, search related intent and more. With this information at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions about which keywords are worth your time – and money – to fight for positions on them.

    The keyword research tool also allows you, of course, to search for and find new keywords that may be relevant to your business and products/services. E.g. through competitor analysis or based on similarity to predefined phrases.

    Position rankings

    The position tracking tool allows you to monitor the position of keywords in search results, so you can see how well your site is doing over time. This data is very valuable because it gives you insight into which keywords are driving traffic to your site and which are not doing as well as you would like. The position distribution shows where your keywords ranked in the top 3, 10, 20 and 100. Similarly, you can preview your competitors.

    Organic traffic

    An extension of Domain Overview data is the ability to monitor and manage organic rankings. The software provides weekly or monthly reports on a site’s progress in the SERPs, including the keywords it is ranking for, which positions it has gained or lost, and what the average position is for each keyword. This information is valuable for both evaluating current SEO activities and planning future strategy. Along with key phrases, search intent is presented.

    You can also see how your competitors are doing and find new opportunities for growth. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand graphical format and in tables, so you can get a quick overview. Within Oraganic Research, we also have access to a list of sub-pages that generate specific traffic. This meets the needs of semantic SEO well.

    Content Marketing

    SEMrush is an excellent tool for determining which keywords are generating traffic to your site. The tool offers strategies for improving specific pages, including content, methods, backlinks, technical search engine optimization and user recommendations.

    Another useful feature of SEMrush is the ability to see how well your content is performing in search results. The software provides data on the number of impressions and clicks your articles receive, as well as their average position in the SERPs. Competitor data is also available.


    Reporting is essential to understanding the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. SEMrush makes it easy to create reports that are both informative and visually appealing. The platform offers multiple report templates that can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can also schedule reports to be automatically generated and delivered to your team on a regular basis.

    SEMrush allows you to collect data and export the results as easy-to-understand PDF reports or Excel spreadsheets. You can modify these reports as needed, and send them via quick links or directly via email. This sharing feature allows your entire team to always be up to date with the latest information. Here you can choose from reports on SEO, Google phrase positions, organic traffic or acquired links to the site.

    Social media

    Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. SEMrush makes it easy to track social media performance so you can see what’s working and what’s not. The platform also provides insight into how you can improve your social media presence and engage your audience more effectively.

    SEMrush will track every mention of your brand on social media. If you need a tool that can manage your social media posts on multiple platforms at the same time, SEMrush can also help you with that. With the tool, you can schedule posts and analyze the results.

    Market Preview

    By conducting market research, you will instantly gain an advantage over your competitors. Simply enter the name of the company you think is the leader in your industry into SEMrush’s competitive analysis tool. SEMrush will then display a list of that company’s competitors, along with game changers and mature niche players in the same field.

    You can examine which domains have received the most visits, general traffic-building tactics and even target demographics such as age, gender, interests and geographic location.

    SEO Audit

    Semrush’s SEO Audit is not only able to create a prioritized list of problems and recommendations for technical aspects of SEO, but also provides explanations for each of them in the tips section “why and how to fix”. The entire list of problems can be exported to CSV or XLSX format for further sharing or analysis. Semrush makes it easy to delegate tasks to teammates with Zapier or API integration, white-labeled PDF customization options, and regular reporting!

    Backlink Analytics is a link analysis solution that provides advanced link profile comparison features. Users can quickly discover opportunities link building with the Backlink Audit tool, while Bulk Backlink Analysis provides an in-depth look at competitor backlinks. Results can be exported to XLSX or CSV format for later use.

    SEMrush Plans and Pricing

    SEMrush is a software as a service company that provides digital marketing tools for SEO, paid campaigns, social media and content marketing. The software is designed to help companies increase their online visibility and traffic.

    SEMrush has three different pricing plans – pro, guru and business. The features included in each package increase with the price. The features included in the package are:

    Package PRO

    Monthly fee: $119.95

    This package is for new players or companies with a small team. You get: 

    • 5 projects
    • 500 keywords to track 
    • 10,000 lines in the report
    • access to SEO, social media and PPC tools such as competitive analysis and keyword research, website audit, advertising and social media tools.

    GURU Package

    Monthly fee: $229.95

    Best for agencies and mid-sized companies. You get:

    • 15 projects included 
    • 1,500 keywords to track
    • 30,000 results per report 
    • In addition to Pro features: Content Marketing Toolkit, historical data tracking, multi-location and device compatibility GDS integration

    BUSINESS Package

    Monthly fee: $449.95

    Dedicated for agencies and businesses that need to track a large number of projects, keywords and results per report (40 projects/5,000 keywords/50,000 results per report). The Business package provides all the features of Guru plus extras such as extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, free migration from third-party tools, etc.

    Additional fees

    Listings management (local SEO), Additional users, Semrush .Trends, Agency Growth Kit, ImpactHero are paid extra.

    Semrush Advantages

    The many benefits of Semrush include:

    • Semrush provides users with access to a vast amount of data and research tools. This allows users to better understand their competition, discover new opportunities, and improve their online visibility.
    • You can use it to spy on your competition. With Semrush, you can study what keywords your rivals are targeting and how they are achieving their ranking goals. This data can be quite helpful in improving your SEO strategy.
    • If you’re looking for a great keyword research tool, Semrush is a great choice. It provides detailed information on search volume, CPC and competition for various keywords, so you can choose the right ones to target in your SEO campaigns. The extensive export gives you additional external analysis capabilities.
    • The Keyword Magic tool allows you to quickly and easily generate new keyword ideas based on the keywords you enter. This is a great way to brainstorm new content ideas or determine which keywords to target for an SEO campaign.
    • Semrush’s Site Audit tool not only provides insight into your site’s performance, but will also give you detailed recommendations for improvement. This is extremely useful if you are trying to optimize your site for better search engine ranking.
    • You can use this tool to check your rankings and changes in keyword positions over time on a daily basis.
    • SEMrush will show you where to look for link acquisition opportunities and help you run a linkbuilding campaign.

    Comparison of Semrush with Senuto

    Semrush is a software that provides digital marketing tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC paid campaigns, Social Media and Content Marketing. Semrush has better keyword difficulty data for competitors and very advanced data export options.

    On the other hand Senuto is an SEO platform that provides users with tools to help them improve organic traffic. It offers features such as keyword research, competitor site analysis, backlink analysis, site audits and more. Senuto certainly has better data for the Polish market.

    So which one should you choose? If you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing platform that covers all marketing activities, then Semrush is the best option. However, if your focus is on SEO in Poland, then you can turn to the Senuto tool.


    SEMrush is an extremely useful online visibility management and content marketing tool that provides a wealth of information about how your site is performing in organic search results, what keywords it’s ranking effectively for, where your site’s traffic is coming from, and much more.

    SEMrush will also allow you to track how your competitors are doing and what is benefiting them and what is not. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your SEO, optimize the effectiveness of your content marketing, or run successful paid campaigns, SEMrush is definitely the tool for you!

    SEMrush is the tool for you!

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