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    Are you planning to include advertising on TikTok in your brand’s marketing strategy and wondering whether it would be better to promote organic content or, however, turn to an influencer to prepare material for promotion? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors that you should consider before making a decision. In today’s article we will discuss them in detail to help you make the decision that will benefit your business the most.

    Campaign Objective

    Campaign objectives are the foundation of any marketing strategy. In the context of TikTok Spark Ads, there is a need to carefully define these goals in order to choose the most effective approach to promotion. If the priority is to instantly increase visibility and brand reach, TikTok Spark Ads with organic content becomes an attractive option. In this case, using the advertising tools offered by the platform, your company can effectively promote the content published on its profile. This approach can generate a rapid increase in the number of impressions, interactions and shares, which translates into an increase in overall brand visibility among the platform’s users. On the other hand, if the main goal in your strategy is to build an authentic relationship with your audience, working with influencers should be a key part of your strategy. Influencers, with an already defined and often very loyal audience, have the ability to establish a more personal relationship with users. Their participation in a campaign can make a brand seem more accessible and credible in the eyes of the community. This, in turn, translates into increased trust and overall brand credibility, which is often more difficult to achieve through traditional advertising methods.

    Target group

    The effectiveness of your campaign on TikTok will certainly depend largely on your understanding of your target audience. With Spark Ads promotions, you always have the option to define your audience in an extremely detailed way (you can even specify that you want to target people who have interacted with videos tagged with a particular hashtag), but what profile the video is posted on also matters quite a bit. Reaching the right audience can guarantee more interactions such as likes, comments or shares of the video. When broadcasting content through an influencer’s profile, you can expect these types of interactions from the influencer’s fan base, so it’s useful to know what age group they belong to, what interests they have and what their shopping habits are. Keep in mind, however, that not every influencer will be willing to share this kind of data with you, and in the case of your company’s profile, you always have it at hand. 

    If, for example, you enter into a partnership with an influencer who has so far preached views inconsistent with your brand’s philosophy you can expect an influx of negative comments and reactions different from those you would like. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with both the audience that interacts with the influencer’s videos and the content the influencer has published so far, and make sure that you don’t cause a scandal or a wave of negative reactions when you enter into a collaboration with him/her.  


    In terms of budget, TikTok Spark Ads with organic content can be more cost-effective because they don’t require paying an influencer to create ad material. However, it’s often worth investing in this type of material if the influencer has a larger following than your brand, and their audience shows a high level of engagement with the content they publish. Then you’ll be able to allocate a slightly lower budget for promotion through Spark Ads, and you’ll make up for it with the organic reach of the video. 

    Hopefully, the discussion of the above factors has helped you decide whether you want to work with an influencer or promote organic content nonetheless. Now let’s move on to tips on how to make influencer collaboration as valuable as possible, and if you decide to promote content from a brand profile – how to create one that is most conducive to your campaign goals. 

    How to select an influencer to collaborate with on TikTok?

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    Choosing the right influencer to collaborate with on TikTok requires careful analysis and an understanding of what elements are key to achieving campaign goals. Here are some key aspects to consider:

    1. The creator’s audience:

    • Age and gender: check whether the influencer’s audience’s age group and gender correspond with your brand’s target audience.
    • Interests: Analyze the interests of the community that interacts with the influencer’s videos. Make sure they are in line with your brand’s themes and values.

    2. Degree of engagement:

    • Number of watchers vs. engagement: Don’t just go by the number of watchers on a given creator’s profile, because often even when it’s high, videos won’t reach all audiences if the algorithm deems the video not interesting enough. Check whether the community comments on posts, shares them, and if so, which ones have the highest engagement rate. A high interaction rate translates into greater organic video potential. You can point the influencer of your choice to a video that you want them to be inspired by when creating content for you. 

    3. Influencer activity and credibility:

    • Number of collaborations: Check whether the influencer is involved in too many collaborations. Taking on the creation of advertising campaigns too often can lower his credibility and the loyalty of his community.
    • The number of collaborations.
    • Variance: Make sure the influencer is trustworthy and the values he or she espouses are in line with your brand values. Evaluate him not only in terms of popularity, but also in terms of authenticity.

    4. Cost of cooperation:

    • Cost of creating material: Contact the influencer directly, or his manager, to find out what the cost is for him to create the material. If they are too high, consider whether it would be better to choose someone else, or invest the money you would have spent on material with him or her, in creating your own content and promoting it with TikTok Ads.

    5. Campaign objectives:

    • Compliance with goals: Make sure the influencer understands the goals of your campaign and is motivated to achieve them. It’s important that communication between the two of you is transparent, as this will help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings

    A thorough understanding of the above-mentioned factors will allow you to make the right choice when selecting an influencer, which will result in a more effective campaign on TikTok. Let your choice of influencer be consistent not only with the size of their community, but also with a deep understanding of and relationship with the audience you want to reach.

    How to create valuable organic content under Spark Ads promotion?

    If you’ve decided to create a video on your company’s profile and then promote it with TikTok Spark Ads, there are a few key points you should consider before you start the creation process. Below, I’ve outlined some tips to help you create valuable organic content that, when properly enforced, is sure to gain community recognition and effectively attract attention during paid promotion using the Spark Ads format.

    1. Find the balance between entertainment and information

    Your content should not only be interesting, but also convey the most important information about the advertised product or service. Introduce elements of entertainment that will attract users’ attention, but at the same time provide them with relevant information about your brand in an accessible way. The most important thing is the balance between one and the other aspect.

    1. Adjust to the specifics of the platform

    Before you start creating – scroll around a bit (browsing TikTok with impunity during business hours? Sounds cool, huh? 😀 ). This will help you understand the dynamics of TikTok and allow you to tailor your content accordingly to the unique features of this platform. Take advantage of short, dynamic sequences and use current trends to better integrate with users using this platform.

    1. Pay attention to aesthetics

    TikTok is first and foremost a visual medium, so aesthetics are a key element of the content published on the platform. Use bright colors, make sure the creators seen in the video are well-dressed, well-groomed and smiling, and make sure the composition is clear. This attracts attention and automatically increases the appeal of your content.

    1. Encourage interaction

    Your content should prompt interaction, because on TikTok, interaction means reach! Encourage sharing of your material, use CTAs and engage in dialogue with your audience in the comments below the video. This builds a bond and makes users feel engaged with your brand.

    1. Test and analyze

    After publishing a video, constantly monitor the community’s reactions. Find out which elements are gaining popularity and which need improvement. Make modifications based on data analysis to constantly improve your approach. If your first video didn’t become viral, don’t give up! Training makes perfect in this area as well. 

    Creating valuable organic content for Spark Ads on TikTok requires understanding the unique features of this platform and focusing on providing substantive and compelling content. Following the above tips will help you craft a video that will not only attract attention, but also effectively enhance the effectiveness of your promotional campaign.

    A few words at the end

    Hopefully, after reading today’s article, you already know whether you want to engage with influencers or create unique content on your company’s profile to then increase its reach using the Spark Ads format. Keep in mind, however, that when looking at your brand’s long-term strategy, you can consider both types of content and see which one brings more effective results. Above all, authenticity and creativity are important on TikTok, so keep this in mind regardless of your choice of material for promotion.

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