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    How to optimize a website?

    We can distinguish several aspects to look at in the process of creating/optimizing a website:

    1. Intuitive navigation – accessible arrangement of elements and sections on the site makes it easier for users to find their way around. Menus should be logical, and links or buttons leading to important sections should be easily accessible. We should also make sure that the purchasing process itself is as easy as possible and does not require the user to take additional steps. The purchase path should be as short as possible.

    2. Responsive design – the website should be adapted to different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Responsiveness ensures that the site looks and works well on any device. It is especially important to adapt the site to the requirements of mobile devices, since more than 80% of Internet traffic is carried out through them.

    SEO – page loading speed

    3. Page Load Speed – long page load times can discourage users from using your site the first time they interact with your store. Compress the size of images on the page, remove unnecessary code and resources. This will help you minimize the loading time. 

    4. Home page (homepage) – the homepage should quickly convey key information about the company and offerings. Typically, store platforms allow you to choose store templates that have clear and easy-to-navigate homepages.

    The homepage should be easy to navigate.

    5. Good quality photos and graphics – eye-friendly, high-quality images and graphics are key to attracting users’ attention. Product images should show the actual appearance of the products, be clear, and support the content in the product description. 

    6. Product descriptions – product descriptions should be concise and contain all the necessary information for the buyer. Try to highlight in them the advantages of a product and its advantages over competing products. Also be honest with customers. If the product descriptions are inconsistent with the actual features, negative reviews will quickly appear on the site.

    7. Reviews – positive feedback from buyers builds trust with potential customers. Putting reviews on the site allows them to research without leaving the site and can convince them to buy products.


    8. Privacy and security policy – provide users with clear information about your privacy and security policy. This will instill confidence in your store and make it easier for them to make a purchase decision.

    There is no need to make a purchase decision.

    If you have no experience with optimizing an online store, read our article titled “Optimizing an online store – 13 most common mistakes“.

    At the beginning of choosing promotional methods, you should set the goals you want to achieve with them. KPIs (key performance indicators) will help you read the degree of their achievement. With them you can measure the degree of achievement of the goals you set before starting your activities. KPIs allow you to measure your progress in achieving the goals you are aiming for. Thanks to KPIs, we can clearly assess the effectiveness of the campaign and its individual elements.

    We usually look at one or two strategic KPIs to get an idea of how the campaign is doing at any given time. These might include return on investment, revenue or market share. In performance marketing, it would be, for example, leads acquired, ROI or ROAS. Less key metrics that help optimize a campaign are, for example, CTR, CPC or number of ad impressions.

    Online store marketing – SEO optimization – search engine marketing

    Search engine optimization is the process of building organic visibility. It aims to improve search engine rankings. Your goal should be to place your store’s product pages as high as possible on the first page of a search engine. 

    SEO is a painstaking process that produces results only after several months of action. It’s geared toward long-term return on investment. It is one of the most effective types of actions you can take. A high search engine ranking will enable you to attract organic users and generate unpaid traffic. With the prospect of running a store for many years, this is a mandatory action that every entrepreneur should take care of.

    Use appropriate tags, titles and descriptions to make it easier for search engines to index your site and improve its position in search results. Positioning is needed by every business that wants to be visible online and cares about attracting customers through Google search. There are various techniques and strategies to achieve this goal, their selection depends on the industry, content and target audience you want to reach with your site. You can read more about SEO in our article titled. “Page positioning, SEO“.

    Marketing an online store – PPC advertising

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to reach customers faster than organic methods, because the ads displayed with it reach users the moment the campaign is activated. There are many types of PPC ads, including Google Ads and social media ads. They also fulfill tasks. From outreach campaigns, to those that build image, to sales and lead generation campaigns. You can read more about them in the article titled. “Google Ads – what type of campaign to choose?“.

    Setting up and running a PPC campaign is quite a complicated process. If you want to run campaigns on your own, use our guide on the most popular advertising system “How to learn Google Ads?

    Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a constant process of learning and retraining, as well as adapting to constant news and changes. Advertising systems change from month to month and advertising trends from week to week. Therefore, the fastest and most effective way to learn in this area is individual Google Ads and Facebook Ads training

    If, however, you don’t have the desire or time to learn and run a campaign on your own, a good way would be to outsource this to a digital agency Experienced professionals know how to schedule activities to meet specific goals, and are quick to respond to changes and updates that affect your site’s position.

    They will also be able to help you with your website.

    Marketing of an online store – e-mail marketing

    E-mail marketing is another effective method to reach customers. By collecting email addresses from people who have made a purchase and potential customers, you can reach people who are interested in your store’s offerings. 

    E-mail marketing is effective for e-commerce businesses because email marketing software can be easily integrated into an online store using automation. Mailing allows you to send personalized messages depending on which stage of the purchase path customers are at. For example, you can send customers abandoned cart emails when they add a product to their cart, but do not complete the transaction. Abandoned cart emails that encourage customers to complete the transaction with a small discount are extremely effective in attracting customers again.

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    You can also send promotions based on actions taken by customers or potential customers on your site. For example, try sending them emails based on previous purchases, showing them products you think they might like. You can also reach out to users who have not yet made their first purchase by offering them a discount on their first purchase.

    Marketing an online store – partnerships

    Partnering with other companies allows you to reach new audiences and promote each other’s products. You should find a brand with a similar target audience, but different, complementary products. For example, if you sell dog products, you can partner with a company that sells cat products to promote your products and reach more pet owners. You can also partner with companies other than your own. For example, by partnering with bloggers, you can increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.

    Internet marketing is the foundation of any e-commerce business. In an increasingly competitive era, only comprehensive digital activities allow you to stand out from the competition and reach an interested audience. Therefore, do not limit yourself to one or two channels to reach users, but use several of them, preferably testing different solutions. 

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