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    Search campaign (search)

    Search network campaigns are one of the most popular solutions used by advertisers. They are based on text ads that appear in search results when a given keyword is typed in. This is a great tool to reach users who are already interested in your product or service. This type of campaign will allow you to attract users who are more likely to purchase your product or service, or fill out a contact form included on your website, or review an offer on your site. 

    Choose this type of campaign if you offer a product or service for which demand already exists. If your sales cycle is long, treat a search engine campaign as a tool to gain contacts to potential customers.

    Take a search engine campaign as a tool to gain contacts to potential customers.

    Campaign potential (i.e., whether a phrase generates interest online) can be checked using the keyword planner – a tool available in the Google Ads interface. With its help, you will get information on the number of searches for given keywords in specific periods, or in specific areas.

    Search campaigns create a lot of opportunities and advertising solutions, so that their implementation can pose difficulties not only for those who are starting their adventure with the world of Google Ads. If you need help with campaign implementation, or are wondering how to easily create an effective search campaign, check out our blog article titled “How to create a Search campaign from scratch | Up&More ®“.

    Banner Campaign (GDN

    A display campaign is a great tool for building a company’s image online, or informing customers about new products or services. Display ads will help promote a company when potential customers are browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail accounts or using websites or mobile apps. The possibilities for display ads within this campaign are virtually unlimited, as Google’s ad network reaches more than 90% of Internet users worldwide. You can display ads on blogs and Google sites, such as Gmail and YouTube, as well as on news portals or specific websites, such as those related to the topic of your product or service.

    Choose this type of campaign if you want to provide customers with information about your products and services and encourage them to consider buying your product, and when you want to build or increase brand awareness in the market.

    Wide campaignso

    Video campaigns allow you to display ads in videos on YouTube and on sites and apps in Google’s network of video partners. Some types of video campaigns help increase brand awareness, while others are designed to increase conversions or encourage users to purchase from the site. The implementation and management of these types of campaigns is trivial, so the setup should not cause problems for even low-level users. 

    Select this type of campaign if you have your own YouTube channel, or if you have compelling video content. As with banner ads, ad targeting is precise, and you can set it up in a very detailed way – for example, display your ads only on channels with specific topics, or on specific channels that you choose during campaign setup.

    Take advantage of this campaign.

    Product Listing Ads (PLA – Product Listing Ads)

    Product campaigns are a specific type of campaign that allows you to display a lot of product information. Product Listing Ads are displayed in search results and on the Shopping tab of Google search. Campaigns of this type are used at the end of the sales funnel, which makes them highly effective and have a high conversion rate. Their high effectiveness comes from the fact that they provide recipients with detailed information (e.g. price, brand, delivery fee, store rating, size, availability, product specifics) about products even before they click on the ad. This is an excellent tool for e-commerce store owners who want to reach potential customers. 

    Choose this type of campaign if you are a retailer and your goal is to generate sales. A product campaign is also a good tool for attracting customers who are about to make their first purchase from your store – you will be able to reach these customers again through remarketing in any form, not necessarily through ad campaigns in the Google ecosystem, but also through external channels, such as mailings or SMS.

    Take advantage of this campaign if you are a retailer.

    Local campaigns

    With a local campaign, you can let your customers know when and how they can visit your store. Using Google’s biggest services – the search network, maps and YouTube – you can reach customers who are interested in visiting a physical location. With this type of promotion, the customer gets the opportunity, for example, to view the optimal route to their destination, plan their trip or find out what hours they should visit the store. 

    Choose this type of campaign if you want to attract customers who make purchases offline, in a stationary store. It’s great for retailers who offer products where customers want to see them in person before buying. This can include bicycles and cars, for example, as well as books, board games or clothing. You can also use local campaigns if you own a food establishment, such as a pizzeria or restaurant. After hitting the profile of your business, with the help of information placed in Google business card, customers can immediately see the menu of the establishment, and view photos of the interior of the restaurant.

    Local campaigns will be automatically converted into Performance Max campaigns in the near future. If you are already using local campaigns in your promotional activities. you can convert this type of campaign yourself using the new dedicated Google Ads tool included in the advertising system. 

    Performance Max Campaigns

    Performance Max is a new type of campaign that serves a specific purpose and allows you to access all of your Google Ads inventory in a single campaign. This type of campaign will work great if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge, as the setup features a very low level of complexity, and if you have limited time to run Google Ads, as Performance Max campaigns are largely automated and don’t require external intervention, including in the process of optimizing them while they’re running.

    Performance Max Campaigns are a new type of campaign, which serves the purpose of providing access to all Google Ads resources within a single campaign.

    If you need more information on how Performance Max campaigns work or how to implement them, see our article titled “Performance Max campaigns in a nutshell | Up&More ®“. 

    Choose this type of campaign if you have limited advertising resources and no time for campaign optimization. Performance Max automatically optimizes budgets and rates across channels, and reaches new audience segments through real-time analysis of user intent and behavior, greatly relieving the burden on the advertiser, or specialist.

    The performance of Performance Max is a great way to optimize the budget and rates across channels, as well as reach new audience segments through real-time analysis of user intent and behavior, greatly relieving the burden on the advertiser, or specialist.

    App promotion campaigns

    As the name suggests, this specific type of campaign helps find new app users and increase in-app sales. The campaign uses information from the app to automatically optimize ads across the search network, Google Play, YouTube, Discover tabs and millions of sites and apps.

    Select this type of campaign if you have an iOS or Android app and want to promote it on YouTube, Google Search and Google Play. You can optimize your app ads for number of installs or engagement. By choosing the right staking strategy, you can attract new app users, or get users to perform an action in the app, such as placing an order for a product or passing the next level of a game. By thoughtfully configuring your campaign, your ads will display to the people who are most likely to perform the action you care about. 

    What type of campaign to choose – summary

    Each of the types of campaigns described above is designed to achieve specific goals, from image building to acquiring new users to making sales, but campaigns will be most effective if you run them comprehensively and use them to reach your audience at each stage of conversion. Therefore, it is worthwhile not to be limited to one type of campaign, but to combine them and with the help of collective actions conduct the promotion of products and services. This approach increases the probability of success and provides more data on users and the effectiveness of specific channels. 

    Don’t be afraid to experiment! As Jeff Bezos said, “If you think you’re only going to engage in what’s sure to work out, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities.” And if you don’t know how to experiment in Google Ads, you can find out in our article titled Google Ads Experiments – take your campaigns to a new level | Up&More ®

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