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    Despite the fact that Google continually updates the algorithm of its search engine, metadata is one of the basic yet key elements that are subject to optimization during the SEO process. However, they are not infrequently forgotten or downplayed.

    what is metadata in SEO?

    What is metadata? 

    Metadata is, in the most general terms, information used to describe a specific, or specific sets of data. If you want to talk about metadata in SEO, you should talk about metatags, which should be referred to as fragments in the code of a page. 

    In SEO we can distinguish several types of metatags. Among the main ones are meta title and meta description descriptions. In the past, for example, keyword tags were also used, but at the moment, given the latest guidelines from Google, this is not a welcome solution.

    Meta title 

    Meta title descriptions are a key part of the entire SEO process of a website. Properly constructed meta title description is largely responsible for the position of the phrase of interest in the organic search results, but also acts as an incentive to click precisely on our result. Consequently, the impact on the CTR, i.e. the ratio of clicks to impressions of a given search result is significant. 

    Wanting to properly prepare the meta title description, we must keep in mind several important points: 

    1. the meta title description should contain the key phrase
    2. should correspond to the theme of the bookmark it describes
    3. should be unique
    4. should not be longer than 70 zzs*

    When it comes to the number of characters with spaces that the meta title description should consist of, you need to know that it’s really all about pixels, and there should be no more than 512 of them. And it’s all about pixels for the reason that we use different sized screens on a daily basis, which display metadata inconsistently, and we should care that an Internet user, no matter what device he or she is using, should be able to easily read the said description. The number of characters with spaces covering 60 to 70 zzs is a contractual amount, making it easier for either SEO specialists or copywriters not to exceed the indicated pixel size. 

    Additionally, I will add from experience that exceeding the indicated size and creating a meta title description exceeding the indicated size will not contribute to the fact that Google’s robots will not read the said description; they will deal with it, only Internet users will not read the full content contained in the <title> tag.

    Meta description

    Meta description descriptions are the content that displays below meta title descriptions in organic search results. Meta description descriptions, unlike meta title descriptions, do not affect the position of the phrase of interest in organic search results. Their main purpose is to encourage the Internet user to click on our result. Consequently, they are largely responsible for the CTR. 

    When creating a meta description, it is advisable to prepare a text of 120 to 155 characters with spaces. 

    What when we don’t have meta title and meta description descriptions on our site? 

    According to what we pointed out above, the mentioned metadata descriptions are important from an SEO point of view. Lack of prepared and implemented descriptions will cause Google to pull some of the content from a given tab into the description. Consequently, our description may turn out to be suboptimal and thus not fully encouraging people to go to our site. Therefore, it is worth taking care to have SEO-optimized metadata descriptions on the site and thus take care of the high position of our phrases, as well as a satisfactory CTR. 

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    Mateusz Kocowski

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