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    In the world of online marketing, many people still communicate their messages through the same channels. The list includes names you’ve probably already guessed: Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube…

    And what new approaches and channels do you need to think about in order to get your company’s growth up to speed this year? After all, data-driven marketing strategy isn’t just about repeating the same thing, it’s about testing new things! That’s why in this article we will analyze 8 selected performance’channels.

    performance marketing channels

    So to strengthen your digital marketing strategy, increase brand awareness, get higher rankings in search results, and experience other benefits of effective performance marketing, you should develop your marketing strategies on the following platforms: 

    1. TikTok

    An online marketing strategy without TikTok in 2024 makes no sense. It was the most downloaded app of 2022, with more than 100 million more downloads (672 million) than the second, Instagram. TikTok has an extremely engaged audience – as many as 91% of its users take action after viewing material of interest. That’s as much as 6 times more than other channels! 

    TikTok offers several different opportunities for performance’marketing campaigns:

    Paid ads

    TikTok Promote allows advertisers to select a goal – e.g., video views, new watchers, website visits – and customizes how video is presented to users based on it. 

    Auction model 

    Auction allows you to bid on ads on TikTok to ensure you get the most benefit from your performance marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for more traffic to your website, your goal would be to bid cost-per-click. The following bids are available:

    • cost per view (CPV – Cost Per View),
    • cost per click (CPC – pronounced Cost Per Click),
    • cost per thousand impressions (CPM – English: Cost Per Mille),
    • optimized cost per thousand impressions (oCPM – pronounced optimized Cost Per Mille),

    TikTok Shop

    Launched in September 2023, TikTok Shop is a product advertised as a one-stop e-commerce solution for brand growth and sales directly from TikTok. 

    TikTok Shop is powered by a unique engine that helps brands and retailers showcase and sell products directly on TikTok through a set of in-app shopping tools. Among other things, TikTok Shop allows brands to trade live and short-form video, sell products appearing in videos, and take advantage of creator support.

    2. Reddit

    Reddit is a social network where people can further their interests, hobbies and passions. In 2024, we recommend harnessing the power of Reddit’s millions of engaged and highly responsive users, known as “Redditors.” So they are more likely to trust a brand that advertises on Reddit than one they see on other social media platforms and websites. 

    Reddit’s advertising products include:

    Promoted carousel

    The Promoted Carousel feature (Reddit’s Promoted Carousel) helps brands create a compelling narrative to connect with customers in a Reddit-style oriented way, which is mainly through images and GIFs.

    Engagement Retargeting

    It involves re-engaging users who have already seen your ads and/or taken action based on them.

    3. Snapchat 

    Many companies still often overlook Snapchat, and this is a big mistake. The app’s daily active users number around 406 million, making it a potentially lucrative performance marketing channel (especially when it comes to promoting products aimed at younger audiences).

    Snapchat Ads is a service that allows promoting a variety of products, services and content to active users of the app. These innovative ads take the form of short videos, photos or animations that are displayed in strategic Snapchat sections, such as the discovery section or between entertaining content. Thanks to the Snapchat Ads platform, both companies and individuals have the opportunity to reach a wide audience, allowing them to effectively promote their products or services. Advanced targeting tools allow precise targeting of ads to specific groups. Thanks to this, advertising campaigns can be better tailored to the needs, preferences and behavior of users, which translates into higher promotional effectiveness. This flexible advertising strategy allows you to achieve the maximum potential from each campaign, leading to increased engagement and conversions. Snapchat Ads not only offers the ability to reach a large audience, but also provides effective tools for creating personalized and effective advertising campaigns.

    4th Twitch

    If you want to reach a young target audience (16-24 years old), show up on Twitch! It’s a streaming platform available on computers, mobile devices and popular game consoles. The service has gained huge popularity primarily as a place dedicated to video game fans, but now broadcasts cover a variety of topics, which translates into a diverse audience.

    Twitch Ads offers several ad formats: 

    Home page carousel 

    An ad that appears on the main Twitch page and can contain a maximum of 250 characters. This type of ad is mainly targeted at creators, aiming to redirect viewers to a specific channel.

    Home page header 

    An advertisement consisting of two graphics, displayed on both sides. 

    Simple banner 

    Rectangular banner ad that appears on the page when a user is browsing content (after clicking “Browse” on the homepage).

    Super Leaderboard 

    Long banner placed at the top of the screen on the content search page.

    Twitch Premium Video

    Video ads that appear before or during a live broadcast. You can’t miss them. 

    First Impression Takeover

    A type of advertising that allows viewers to see your ad at the very beginning of the first broadcast on the platform of the day.

    5. Pinterest 

    People visit Pinterest mainly for inspiration, so visually appealing content is important on this medium. However, the platform is geared to showcase all kinds of content – from photos, graphics and videos to blog content.

    Pinterest claims that ads here yield twice the return on ad spending for retail brands compared to social media.

    Want to improve your performance marketing results?

    Contact us and tell us about your challenges. We will prepare a new strategic plan with specific actions to implement.

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    6th Quora

    Quora is a unique Q&A social platform where users ask questions, get answers and communicate with each other. 

    It has a feature called Quora Ads, which, like on other platforms, allows companies and advertisers to display targeted ads based on users’ interests, behaviors and demographics. Available analytics tools enable tracking campaign performance and measuring ad effectiveness. 

    7. Podcasts

    Podcasts are steadily establishing their dominance as a significant business channel. Currently, already over 31% of Polish Internet users listen to podcasts, and forecasts predict that the number will grow.

    Podcasting is a personal and intimate medium. The most important reason why people listen to them is because they sympathize with the host and feel they have a genuine bond with him or her. Therefore, when a podcast host recommends a product, listeners trust him or her and consider buying it. So if you provide the hosts with, for example, a unique discount code for shopping on your site that they can pass on to their listeners, you can accurately measure how many people ended up in your store just because of that. This makes podcasts ideal partners to help brands reach niche audiences, while creating value for listeners (potential customers) by providing entertaining, informative and/or educational content.

    Search engine marketing uses paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPSearch Engine Results Page). Advertisers pay for keywords that consumers type into search engines when looking for a company, product or service. These ads are called PPC (pay-per-click) ads, meaning you only pay when someone takes action and clicks on your ad.

    Although almost everyone knows about Google Ads, there are many other search engine marketing channels whose possibilities remain undiscovered. In 2024, consider adding these two:

    Bing Ads

    Although Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has a lower volume of online searches than Google, it’s still a big part of the online traffic you should try to capture. What’s more, statistics show that Bing’s ad results are 35% more effective than Google’s, so adding this less popular search engine to your marketing strategy will certainly bring visible benefits.

    One of the biggest advantages of Bing Advertising is that it is part of the Microsoft Advertising platform. This means that your ads will be displayed not only on Bing, but also on Yahoo!, AOL, DuckDuckGo and other partner sites. Another huge advantage of advertising through Bing is that, despite having fewer users than Google, it attracts users that you can’t get with Google Ads! 


    Ecosia is an organic search engine that plants a tree with every search. It is used by about 20 million users. If your company is socially engaged and/or wants to reach active users interested in climate issues, we recommend advertising on Ecosia.


    What exactly is performance marketing? 

    In performance marketing, the most important thing is results. It is a better, modern form of marketing in which we only pay when our actions produce measurable results.

    Most important benefits of performance marketing:

    – Ability to track campaign performance at every stage and adjust accordingly. 

    – Charge only for successful campaigns.

    – Ability to extend advertising reach to new audiences at any time. 

    What are Performance Marketing channels? 

    These are marketing channels that allow you to create and publish ads that generate actions, including clicks, registrations, and purchases, and then track and measure those actions.

    How to choose Performance Marketing channels?

    Identify the venues that are most relevant to your target audience, at the optimal time and for the least amount of money. This allows you to spend money only on the channels that are most effective and efficient. A performance marketing agency is the best place to consult target audiences, success rates, or execute a strategic plan.

    Performance Marketing Channels. Summary 

    In the article, we presented 8 performance marketing channels that you should consider in 2024 to effectively develop your marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. We encourage you to go beyond standard channels, experiment with new platforms and explore their possibilities. We wish you the best of luck in achieving your marketing goals!

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    Tomasz Starzyński
    Tomasz Starzyński

    CEO and managing partner at Up&More. He is responsible for the development of the agency and coordinates the work of the SEM/SEO and paid social departments. He oversees the introduction of new products and advertising tools in the company and the automation of processes.