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    If you spend a lot of time, for example, on Instagram in search of photographic inspiration, you are probably not unfamiliar with another platform with a similar theme, namely – Pinterest. I will try to introduce you today to the operation and phenomenon of this platform.

    Pinterest – what is it?

    Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover, collect and share inspiring content in the form of visual bookmarks, known as “pins”. The main difference between Pinterest and other social media is that Pinterest is mainly based on images and graphics. Users can create boards for themselves where they collect pins related to various topics, such as fashion, interiors, cooking, travel, design, or many others. A similar option was introduced some time ago by Instagram, but nevertheless, it is an inseparable element of Pinterest that users associate the platform with. 

    Additionally, Pinterest’s algorithm works in an almost instantaneous fashion. All we need to do is to look at a few pins from other users and just a moment later our board will be full of inspiration from this theme. Thus, the algorithm of this application does a great job of matching content to users, so you can spend really long hours on Pinterest!

    Already when creating an account, users are asked to specify their interests, and if you want to find some inspiration or ideas while using the app, the search engine also works great. 

    Users on Pinterest

    Users on Pinterest are an ever-growing group of people who contribute to the success of this social media platform. So there are a few key aspects to consider when thinking about what characterizes users on Pinterest:

    • First and foremost – user growth: The number of users on Pinterest continues to grow. This means that the platform is attracting more and more people who are looking for inspiration, ideas and tips from different areas of life, such as fashion, interiors, cooking, design, travel and more. This growth may indicate that Pinterest is appealing to different age groups and interests.
    • Source of inspiration: Pinterest is a place where users can find hundreds of thousands of images, graphics and ideas on virtually any topic. It’s a great source of inspiration that attracts both those looking for creative DIY projects and those looking for gift ideas, recipes or fashion styling. This variety of content attracts users from all walks of life and interests.
    • High customer satisfaction: Pinterest boasts the highest ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) from July 2021 to June 2022. This means that users are very satisfied with the quality of service and experience the platform offers. This is an important factor that attracts new users and maintains the loyalty of existing ones.
    • Base of potential customers: With its growing number of users and high level of customer satisfaction, Pinterest is becoming an attractive destination for companies looking for new customers. Companies related to industries such as fashion, design, culinary or travel can find their target audience on this platform. Advertisements and marketing campaigns can be targeted to specific user segments, increasing the effectiveness of promotional activities.
    • Diverse markets: Pinterest attracts users from different parts of the world, which means companies have the opportunity to reach a global audience. For companies operating in international markets, having a presence on Pinterest can be a strategy for effectively reaching diverse cultures and consumer preferences.
    • Inspiration as a key element: For companies whose products or services are based on creativity and inspiration, Pinterest becomes not only a place for promotion, but also for brand building. Creating interesting and inspiring content can attract users’ attention, building a positive brand image and encouraging interaction.
    • Inspiration as a key element.

    How does advertising on Pinterest work?

    On Pinterest, like other social media, we can create ads too! Advertising on Pinterest also works on a similar basis to other advertising systems such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin and TikTok. The platform is relatively intuitive, especially for those who are already familiar with other advertising tools. The process of creating a campaign on Pinterest is divided into three main levels:

    • Campaign: This is the first level where you define the goal of your advertising efforts. This could be to increase brand awareness, generate website traffic, promote a specific product or increase user engagement. You can also define the overall budget for the campaign and specify the duration.
    • Ad Group: At this level, you set detailed campaign parameters such as ad placement, daily or total budget, campaign duration and target audience. You can fine-tune when and where your ads will be displayed to effectively reach your intended audience.
    • Advertising (Pin): This is where you add advertising material, also known as Pins. It can be a photo, a graphic, or even a short animation. You also add the URL of the landing page to which users will be redirected when they click on the ad. You can customize the content, description and categories to attract the attention of a specific audience segment.

    What campaign target should I choose?

    This is the first place you’re likely to pause for extended thought when creating a campaign. And very rightly so, because Pinterest offers different types of advertising goals:

    • Brand Awareness – in this group we have two options to choose from. First, Brand Awareness billed under the CPM model (i.e. cost per 1,000 impressions) and as a second option, Video Views, which are billed under the CPV model (i.e. cost per view). Use this objective if you want to increase the visibility of your brand on Pinterest, as well as ensure better visibility for your products or services. 
    • Consider purchase – previously this objective functioned as Traffic. It is billed under the most well-known marketing CPC model (i.e., for the cost per click of an ad) and is recommended if you are looking to increase traffic to your website. 
    • Conversion – here we have two billing models. The first – CPA applies to user actions on the site. The second, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to promote products with product ads and is billed in the CPC or CPM model.

    A tailor-made marketing strategy!

    A professional approach, understanding of the mechanisms of advertising on a given platform and a creative approach will only help your marketing strategy. As a digital agency, we offer a comprehensive approach! Get in touch with us!

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    Pinterest Ads formats

    Like any other advertising platform, Pinterest also has its own formats that are based on Pins and can be used for pre-selected advertising purposes. 

    Pin promoted – is a square image or vertical rectangle (in .jpg or.png format, max. 10MB). It provides an opportunity to increase the visibility of pins on the board. When a user clicks on such an ad, he is redirected to a landing page. It is also possible to save such a pin to your own board and then it turns into an organic pin (that is, it loses the ad label). You may think that this is an inferior option, however, nothing could be further from the truth. 

    Why has Pinterest become important for digital marketing?

    Pinterest is a great tool for retailers who want to attract new customers. Why is that? Because it attracts the attention of people who are up to date on current trends and have a high awareness of aesthetics, and at the same time, are often interested in shopping. 

    One of Pinterest’s main advantages for digital marketing is the ability to create professional-looking sites. With the help of the application, businesses can present their products in an attractive way, attracting the attention of potential customers. Features such as product catalogs, inspirational boards and interactive Pins allow companies to creatively display their offerings.

    Additionally, Pinterest’s intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface is an important part of the platform’s success. Users easily navigate the app, which promotes exploration of different content and products. This makes it possible for brands to reach their target audience in a thoughtful and effective way.

    It is also worth noting that Pinterest is a place where people look for inspiration to shop, plan projects or discover new products. For companies, participation in this creative ecosystem can benefit by building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.

    Putting on Pinterest is also a great way to increase customer engagement.

    Pinterest is not just a social platform, but a dynamic environment for inspiration, capable of attracting a diverse group of users interested in fashion, interiors, cooking or travel. Its growing user base, high levels of customer satisfaction and advertising effectiveness have made it an important tool in digital marketing. For companies looking to reach new customers, build brand awareness and boost sales, Pinterest is becoming an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. With its help, inspiration turns into concrete action, making valuable content translate into success in the world of e-commerce.

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