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    One of the main and most important SEO activities is obtaining valuable links leading to the website for which we are conducting an SEO project. There are many methods of obtaining links, from manually searching for sites that agree to post a link, to using platforms dedicated to this.


    One such Polish platform is WhitePress using which we can publish links with many publishers in several countries. However, link building is not the whole scope of what this service offers – with its help we can also order content, regardless of what we want to use it for later, and run influencer marketing campaigns. 

    Acquiring links using WhitePress is not free, of course; the cost of each link is determined by the publisher offering space for publications on their websites. The cost for buying a publication can vary greatly, depending on how valuable and well-read the portal is. Prices start from a few tens of zlotys and go up to several thousand. It all depends on what specifically we expect from the activities carried out. 

    Methods of purchasing publications through WhitePress are several. The first is simply to add in the panel our project, and then the text (with a minimum length of 2000 characters, containing lead text and illustration). The text must include a link to the page we provided at the stage of creating the project. Then we can pre-pay for our publications or go straight to the selection of the site where we want to publish the content with the link.

    In the publication ordering module we have a lot of different types of parameters that will help us match the corresponding websites. At this point, we can use more than 50 search filters – from filtering by topic, through various types of site features, to price and type of publication. After selecting a publication site, we move on to choosing a specific publisher’s offer, and then to payment. 

    Another option for buying a link through WhitePress is to simply choose a publication from a publisher who will write its content as part of the service. Then we only need to specify what we want to be included in such an article, what keywords and what links, and then pay the whole thing in the panel. 

    The third possible option for publishing is to buy a link from the publisher. Under this service, we order a link in already existing, published articles. The advantage of this solution is that we don’t have to create content, so it’s cheaper, but we won’t always be able to place a link for the exact anchor text we’re interested in. 

    Ordering content through the WhitePress platform

    A second very useful feature of the WhitePress platform is the ability to order the content we need from copywriters operating within it. We pay for the content in a very similar way to buying publications. The price of each text created, will vary depending on what requirements we set and how much content we need. 

    Content ordered in this way can be used by us freely – not necessarily for publication on portals cooperating with WhitePress.

    Why is it worth using the WhitePress platform?

    The WhitePress platform is worth using primarily because it greatly improves link building. The process of obtaining links within its framework, in most cases, does not even require contact with the publisher – we choose the place of publication, pay and the publisher simply publishes the content with a link to our site. 

    Such a streamlining of the entire process is especially important for SEO professionals, not having to manually search for link acquisition sites for clients, subtracts many hours of work. 

    It is also important when publishing on foreign portals, where not necessarily every publisher will speak English or we in his native language. With the WhitePress platform, you can publish articles on the following portals: British, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

    It is also possible to publish articles on foreign portals.

    Quality of sites available on the WhitePress platform

    The quality of the sites available on the WhitePress platform depends primarily on the price you are willing and able to pay for publication. We have available many sites whose quality is not the highest, but we can also publish on huge websites from large publishing groups that boast impressive statistics.

    We will also find many small local services – realistically operating, of good quality, offering valuable publications at really good prices. It all depends on what goal we want to achieve.

    How to join Whitepress?

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    Adrianna Napiórkowska
    Adrianna Napiórkowska

    She has 11 years of professional experience, she started her career at the Emarketing Experts agency as a junior SEO specialist. In addition to website positioning, she was responsible for conducting 360° marketing projects as an Account Manager at She worked for companies from the financial sector (Bank Millennium, Bank Meritum, Finai S.A.) and e-commerce (e.g. Black Red White, Autoland, Mumla). At Up&More, he is responsible for, among others, SEO projects for Panek Car Sharing, Amerigas, Interparking, H+H and Autoplaza.