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    White Hat SEO is an activity involving the optimization of a website to bring about an increase in the visibility of a website in search results. White Hat SEO techniques must comply with Google’s guidelines for webmasters. Such websites are more trusted among search engine users.

    White Hat SEO - what is it?

    White Hat SEO techniques

    Seattle SEO (search engine optimization) is influenced by many factors, so SEO activities should follow Google’s rules to achieve the best possible level of visibility for a website in search results.

    Good White Hat SEO practices are:

    • using a natural link profile,
    • creation of high quality content on the site,
    • publishing unique content, not copies from other sites,
    • adapting the site’s display on different devices,
    • new text for meta tags,
    • applying ALT attribute to each graphic and image,
    • keywords assigned to each subpage,
    • fast loading of the website,

    White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

    The primary difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is the latter technique’s failure to comply with Google’s guidelines. Activities conducted by Black Hat SEO methods can lead to the complete removal of a site. Google prohibits, for example:

    • use of link exchange systems (link farm),
    • keyword stuffing (keyword stuffing),
    • cloaking‘u (content hiding),
    • spamming in comments,

    Black Hat SEO can bring quick results in the form of a higher position in search results, but in the long run the consequences are severe penalties that lead over time to the complete removal of the site from the index. Each of such actions is an attempt to manipulate search results. In addition, the company’s image in the eyes of users decreases and it is possible that they will not use your site again.

    How to support White Hat SEO?

    For a positioned website, not only are on-site activities important, but also off-site activities. We are talking about OFF-SITE. Natural links that lead to your site help users find your site in a search engine.

    If you run a stationary store, the best response users can get is for your site to appear in search results as a Google business card. This way, you will not only see an increase in your site’s visibility and appearance in search engines, but you will also attract customers who prefer to buy or use your service on site rather than online.

    They will also be able to find your site in the search engines.

    White Hat SEO follows Google’s guidelines for webmasters, so SEO must be based on such measures.

    Benefits of White Hat SEO

    White Hat SEO refers to search engine optimization practices that follow the guidelines and rules imposed by search engines.

    1. Long-lasting visibility – White Hat SEO strategies focus on creating quality content and provide lasting results in search results. This will keep your website visible for a longer period of time.
    2. Reliability and reputation – adhering to the rules set by search engines builds trust with both users and the search engines themselves. This can lead to a higher reputation for your site.
    3. Better user experience – White Hat SEO often focuses on improving the quality and usability of a site for visitors, which leads to a better user experience.
    4. No risk of penalties – because White Hat techniques follow search engine guidelines, there is no risk of penalties that can affect a site’s position in search results.
    5. Increased conversions – by focusing on quality and compliance with guidelines, sites optimized using White Hat SEO methods tend to attract more interested and engaged users, which can lead to higher conversion rates.
    6. Sustainability – White Hat SEO methods focus on long-term and stable growth, not on quick and unsustainable results, which promotes sustainable site development.
    7. Compatibility with future updates – because White Hat techniques conform to search engine guidelines, your site is less likely to be negatively impacted by future search algorithm updates.
    8. Growth of organic traffic – optimization using White Hat methods increases the chances of higher rankings in organic search results, which can lead to increased organic traffic to your site.

    Tools to help position your site

    In addition to the practices and methods associated with White Hat SEO, it is also worth paying attention to the tools and resources that can support these activities. Choosing the right tools, such as keyword analysis tools, site auditing, traffic monitoring, or content management tools, can significantly increase the effectiveness of a White Hat SEO strategy.

    Using professional tools, you can gain in-depth insights into your site’s performance, monitor progress, analyze the competition, and adjust your strategy to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

    Additionally, educating yourself on the latest SEO trends and standards, participating in relevant industry forums and communities, and continuously improving your skills can give you a competitive advantage and enable you to maintain the highest standards in search engine optimization.

    Example tools to facilitate SEO

    • Google Analytics: for analyzing and monitoring website traffic,
    • Google Search Console: for tracking site performance in search results,
    • Moz Pro: for comprehensive SEO analysis, including site audits,
    • SEMrush: for keyword and competitive analysis,
    • Ahrefs: for examining link profile and page ranking,
    • Yoast SEO: a plugin for optimizing content on WordPress-based sites,
    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider: a quick site audit and analysis tool,
    • BuzzSumo: for analyzing and discovering popular content in the industry,
    • KWFinder: a keyword research and analysis tool,

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