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    There are many agencies or freelancers that offer SEO services. On the Internet, you will find extensive price lists for each type of site or forms to contact them for pricing such a service. Which SEO service should you use? What price for SEO is appropriate and what should be included in the activities for your site? We answer!

    What SEO activities are included in SEO services?

    1. SEO audit of a website – is necessary for proper optimization of the site and preparation of a strategy. Thanks to it, we can check all the errors on the site, how the content looks and what needs to be improved to bring the highest possible results.

    2. Create an SEO strategy  –  after receiving guidelines from the site audit, SEO specialists can create a plan of SEO activities.

    3. link building – by studying the activities of the competition, we are able to see what links we need to get in order to gain better positions. In addition, link building allows a site to gain authority by which Google’s algorithm ranks sites.


    4. Expansion of content on the site – effective SEO sometimes requires expansion of texts. This can apply to a blog, product texts or services that your company has. More information increases the quality of the website, because potential customers can reach your site more easily. 

    5. Monitoring and reports –  positioning requires  constant monitoring of Google search visibility and technical parameters. Therefore, in the cost for positioning must necessarily include monthly reports of the results.

    How much can SEO cost for websites and stores? 

    Prices for SEO of websites and online stores can vary. It all depends on the number of pages, products or type of services and the industry in which you want to sell. However, each of these types of sites must be priced individually. 

    Web site positioning 

    The price of SEO can start from 1400 PLN net per month upwards. For a small site, the SEO price will not be much more. If the site would like to have nationwide coverage, you will need to invest more money in SEO.

    Foreign positioning

    Positioning your website in foreign markets is already a more expensive affair. Creating texts in another language and the cost of links is much more expensive than in Poland. Therefore, positioning abroad can cost from 3,000 PLN net upwards (per month).

    Positioning of e-commerce online stores

    The SEO optimization of an online store website mainly depends on the strength of competition. In order to position the site, we need to know what actions other brands choose. The price for SEO is from 1500 net per month. However, a big role in the price is played by the industry. The most competitive are: cosmetics, clothing, pharmacies, etc.

    SEO for £400? Cheap positioning

    Effective SEO does not equal cheap SEO. Why £400 per month for SEO activities is not a good idea? 

    Each year, the complexity of the challenges increases, especially with the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines such as Google, which are focused on becoming more and more relevant to users. This requires site owners to invest in quality content and effective linking strategies.

    Considering the above, it becomes clear that effective SEO for a site at £300 per month is a myth. Of course, it is theoretically possible to work on SEO with such a limited budget, but it is important to understand what can realistically be achieved for this amount. You can, for example, focus on optimizing your site in the first month, and then gradually increase the number of links. But is this enough to achieve noticeable results?

    Customers are usually looking for better results, so it’s not worth skimping on the quality of online promotion. If you have a budget of £300, it’s worth considering writing content on your own for your blog, or investing in paid business directories or ordering a few blog articles.

    Remember that suspiciously low prices for SEO services can hide poor quality and lack of effective results. Cheap SEOoffers are often just attractive-sounding promises that in reality do not bring any benefits. It is always a good idea to carefully analyze the offers and choose those that realistically match your needs and capabilities.

    Positioning price per effect – where is the catch?

    When it comes to the price of positioning for effect, it’s worth considering where the catch might lie. There is no need to convince anyone of the advantages of this approach, but there are some aspects worth considering. It’s worth understanding that while organic SEO can be long-lasting, pay-for-performance can come with several potential problems.

    The first important point is the definition of results. It is necessary to clearly define what we consider to be achieving results. Is it positions in search results for specific keywords, number of visits or some other parameter? It is useful to make sure that both parties understand what is a measurable result.

    Another consideration is risk. While pay-for-performance may seem attractive, there is a risk of not achieving the expected results. We don’t always control all the factors that affect SEO results, such as search engine algorithms or competition, which can lead to a lack of results.

    Additionally, the cost of this approach can be higher than in traditional SEO contracts. Agencies often take risk into account and may set higher prices to compensate for potential losses.

    As a result, the agency may not be able to compensate for potential losses.

    The last important aspect is control over results. In a pay-for-performance model, an agency may focus on short-term goals that produce quick results but are not necessarily in line with long-term strategies. This can lead to an unsustainable approach to SEO.

    Why does SEO pricing not make sense?

    Site positioning pricing does not make sense for several reasons, especially when considering the complexity and individual needs of each site. First, website SEO packages often cannot be applied universally to every website on Google, as each website has unique needs and requirements. An SEO agency must tailor its efforts to the specifics and goals of your website.

    Secondly,the visibility of a site in search results is the result of many factors that are constantly changing, which makes the same SEO cost for each site difficult to determine. Each site, be it a store or an information site, requires individual analysis and strategy, which affects the pricing of SEO services.

    Hence, trying to set a uniform price list for SEO services can lead to ineffective strategies and insufficient results for specific sites. Instead,a better approach is individualized pricing based on the specifics of a particular website.

    How should a reliable SEO quote look like?

    Reliable SEO pricing is crucial to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of SEO efforts. To fully understand the cost of SEO, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the site. This analysis should include not only the evaluation and optimization of links to the site and page content, but also pay attention to technical aspects such as page loading speed, responsiveness on different devices or URL structure.

    A key aspect of the quote is also to increase the visibility of the site in search engines. An SEO specialist should examine what positions the site currently holds in search results for the phrases most important to the business. The potential for growth in the search results should also be considered, and the key phrases that will bring the most benefit should be identified.

    A competitive analysis is also an important factor in pricing. Understanding what strategies your competitors are employing, what phrases they are using and what search engine positions they have can help you plan your SEO efforts more effectively.

    The following are some of the most important factors to consider.

    In summary, a reliable SEO quote should be comprehensive and take into account all aspects of a website, from technical to marketing. It should also be flexible, to be able to adjust strategies according to changing search engine algorithms and market dynamics. This is the only way to ensure maximum effectiveness of SEO efforts and real benefits for the client.

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