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    When positioning a website, we need to consider both factors within the site (On site) and external ones. Both types of activities are equally important, and by working on them simultaneously we can get satisfactory results related to the position of the site in the search engine. What exactly are Off site activities?

    off site elements

    What do we count as Off-site activities in SEO?

    All activities that happen outside the site area are counted as Off site elements. These are mainly aspects related to promoting the site on the web. 

    This includes link building activities, image building and optimization of the business card in Google Moja Firma, as well as competition analysis in the broadest sense. 

    Link building

    Link building activities are based on acquiring valuable backlinks to our domain. Their main goal is to acquire link juice from linking domains that have good parameters and are valuable from Google’s point of view. 

    By acquiring valuable links, we improve the overall rating of the site and increase the value of the parameters that inform the quality of the link profile. 

    The main parameters we should pay attention to are Trust Flow, Domain Rating and Domain Authority. 

    Trust Flow is an indicator that we can verify in the tool Majestic SEO It speaks about the credibility and trust of a domain determined by inbound links. The minimum value that Google considers good is 20, but the higher the score the better. 

    Domain Rating is a parameter that was developed and defined by the developers of the Ahrefs tool. Its value is influenced by link juice and the type and variety of links acquired. 

    The Domain Authority indicator is affected by many factors, but the main one is the number of acquired links. In addition to this, in order to increase DA, one should take care of the overall optimization of the site for SEO, as well as well-executed internal linking within the site.

    The Domain Authority Index is also influenced by the number of links acquired.

    Link building is one of the most important Off site activities in the SEO process of a site. A well-crafted external linking strategy can bring a lot of benefits to a site and increase its search engine ranking. 

    Google My Business Card

    If you also run your business stationary, it is important to create and optimize a business card in Google My Company 

    When creating a business card, you should fill in basic contact and location information and add information that may be relevant to potential customers. These include details about products available in the store, current promotions and facilities for stationary customers. 

    Additionally, it’s also a good idea to include links to popular or new articles if you have a company blog. Well-designed graphics will also encourage users to go to the site or visit the store stationary. 

    Competitors analysis

    Researching what activities our competitors are doing and how they rank in the search engine can help us choose the right SEO strategy. By analyzing the link profile and domains linking to competitor sites, we can easily see which links from which domains are worth acquiring and find alternative ways of linking. 

    One of the most essential elements of SEO is keyword phrases With the help of SEO tools (e.g.,  SENUTO, Keyword Planner), it is worthwhile to analyze what phrases our competitors are visible for and what queries bring the most traffic. 

    The analysis and selection of keywords is the basis for determining the strategy of SEO activities.

    Additionally, it is worth analyzing the content published on the competitor’s site and other On site activities. The frequency and topics of blog articles and solutions used by other sites can provide us with inspiration and ideas for the development of our site. 

    Image activities 

    Optimizing a website for SEO is worth combining with social media activities and PPC campaigns. Currently, such integrated services are offered Digital 360 agencies This is a great option to holistically approach the activities within the site and combine all channels into one collaboration. 

    Having social media accounts, on sites such as Facebook and Linkedin, is not a ranking factor, but it positively influences brand perception and recognition online. This translates into more traffic to the website and has a positive impact on conversions for online stores.

    Performance of social media accounts is not a ranking factor.

    off-site actions-a-positioning-page

    Wanting a website to rank high in the search engine, we must focus on its proper optimization. However, we must not forget about off-site activities, which also affect the visibility of the site. 

    Off site elements such as acquiring valuable links, image building or competitor analysis make up a comprehensive approach to the positioning process. Combining them with On site activities, we can get great results and build increasing visibility of the site in search engines internet. 

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    Karolina Jastrzebska
    Karolina Jastrzebska

    The author of the post is Karolina Jastrzebska. She started her adventure with SEO in 2021. She currently works as an SEO Specialist at Up More.