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    For many people, SEO is black magic. It is not uncommon for clients to not even know what to talk about with an SEO Agency, as well as what to bill them based on. Here are a few indicators to determine the effectiveness from your SEO campaign. 

    1. Visibility

    Visibility is the number of keywords that appear in the top 3, top 10, or top 50. Tools that can help measure this indicator include Senuto, Ahrefs, or Semrush. 

    KPIs in SEO

    Wanting to measure this KPI and deciding on website positioning, it is necessary to clearly define the start date of the cooperation and the control moments for this indicator and thus verifying its indications, for example, every six months or a year. Checking visibility at which intervals somewhat misses the point, since, according to a common maxim: Positioning is a complex and long-term process. 

    2. Traffic

    Measuring website traffic is made possible by a publicly available and free tool like Google Analytics. When measuring website traffic, you should focus on traffic in the organic search area. Therefore, keep in mind that traffic to a site can come from a variety of sources, not just SEO. 

    When working with an agency, one can try to determine the estimated, percentage and assumed increase in traffic over a given period of time, however, other factors affecting website traffic should also be kept in mind. Unlike visibility, website traffic can be affected, for example, by the current wealth of a potential customer’s wallet, the value of money, or various types of events in the geopolitical area. 

    3. Views and clicks

    Highlightings and clicks are metrics that we measure using the webmaster tool that is Google Search Console. 

    Measuring displays, it is important to know that in the case of organic results on a deskop, i.e. a computer, a display is counted when a user enters a search engine subpage on which there is a link to our site. The case is different for organic results in mobile preview. In this case, due to the fact that the Google search engine, in mobile results, has gifted us with the so-called Infinity Scroll, or infinite scrolling, only at the moment of doscrolling to a specific search result, the display is counted. 

    It is also worth knowing that an increasing number of queries on desktop computers, are beginning to be characterized, as in the case of, results on mobile devices, by the aforementioned Infinity Scroll. 

    Displaying our result in Google search does not at all mean clicking and going to the website. Hence, working with an SEO agency, it is possible, using Google Search Console, to measure clicks, but, as with measuring website traffic, one should keep in mind the various factors that influence the actions taken by Internet users in the organic search area.  

    4. CTR

    CTR is a statement that determines how many Internet users, and therefore potential customers, decided to click on your organic result after it was displayed. Measuring this ratio allows you to verify the quality of your strategy involving meta data descriptions, namely meta title and meta description. 

    5. Number of conversions

    Conversions can be various types of actions on the site. Some of the most popular conversions include selling a product, filling out a contact form on the site, or clicking on a contact phone number that is on the site. 

    To measure the conversion indicated in the previous sentence can be used, for example, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager combined with GA.

    6. Visibility for non-branded phrases

    Brands, building their online visibility using various types of promotion channels first, naturally acquire very high visibility as well as website traffic for branded phrases. And this is where the space for SEO to increase awareness of a brand’s existence online using a channel that includes organic search results is born. 

    7. Indexing errors

    Whether a website’s SEO achieves its intended results also depends on the indexing errors that occur within the website. 

    An analysis of possible errors can be accomplished using Google Search Console. Also considered good, for measuring this indicator, is the tool which is Screaming Frog. 

    The main indexing errors that should be pointed out are: 

    • 4XX errors
    • 5XX errors
    • invalid redirects 3XX
    • duplicate url addresses 
    • subpages with noindex metatags

    8. Backlinks

    Another element that can be measured when working with an SEO Agency is the number of backlinks that lead to our website. Admittedly, nowadays SEO is all about the quality of the link profile, and not the sheer number of links leading to our site, but this indicator can also be used as much as possible, with a view to being able to verify the SEO Agency’s fulfillment of certain work in the area of link-building. 


    Before you start working with an SEO Agency, it is definitely a good idea to determine in advance which KPI you will be measuring. Personally, taking into account, the current rules of the Internet, and the need to use multiple channels to achieve success, I recommend in the area of SEO, to talk to the Agency on the subject concerning the organic visibility of the site, as well as what impact it has on traffic to the site. 

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    Mateusz Kocowski
    Mateusz Kocowski

    SEO specialist with several years of experience. He joined Up More in early 2023. Hundreds of websites have passed through his hands.