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    Keyword stuffing is keyword stuffing, which involves unnaturally saturating a website with keywords. Examples include listing keywords as a list or constantly repeating a page’s main phrase. It is one of the practices of Black Hat SEO, to manipulate search positions in Google, Bing and other search engines.

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    The use of keyword stuffing – what does Google say about it?

    Such actions are unethical and against Google’s guidelines for webmasters. If Google’s robots detect manipulation of search results in this way, we can expect a penalty, algorithmic filter and even removal of a website from the index. In 2011, Google introduced the Panda algorithm, which detects a site with spam (with keyword stuffing) and lowers its position.

    Keyword stuffing also applies to meta description and meta titile. Shoving just keywords in there, as long as there are as many as possible is a very clear signal to search engine robots about keyword stuffing.

    The keyword stuffing is a very clear signal to search engine robots about keyword stuffing.

    Example of bad use of keywords (keyword stuffing):

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    Keyword-stuffing – is it worth it?

    Short-term such actions will boost your search engine rankings. However, looking at the long term – keyword stuffing will undercut your search engine results page. The repetition of keywords in the text not only reduces the readability and quality of the website, but also lowers our authority among users (which increases the rejection rate). Not a good way to rank better in search results.

    How to avoid keyword stuffing?

    1. Create a content strategy, which will be implemented on your website. Think through what phrases are best to use to match users’ search intentions.
    2. Create quality content and do not add as many key phrases as possible. If you want your texts to have naturally embedded keywords, use tools like Surfer SEO or Contadu.
    3. If your texts have a large number of keywords, you can add more text – an extra paragraph or a good summary is a solution that will definitely make the content more fluid.

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