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    The first thing you should take care of when thinking about how to promote a mobile app is ASO, or App Store Optimization. This article will cover some basic tips for optimizing your app’s visibility in stores, but for the full picture, I recommend checking out the article titled “Complete Guide to App Store Optimization” In it, we described all the steps you need to take to ensure that your app has optimal visibility. With the steps from the guide, you will be sure that users can easily find your app.

    ASO you can start with keyword analysis. Try to divide the keyword pool into categories, taking into account their subject matter. Study the potentials, analyze the competition carefully, gather as much data as possible from autosuggestions. Remember to return to keyword analysis regularly, as new phrases in the categories appear from time to time.

    Promote mobile application – ASO

    The next step will be to prepare graphics and video content. These are the first elements that viewers see, a kind of business card of the application. Take care of their quality, clarity and attractiveness. Often it is the visual materials that determine the user’s decision to go to the app’s website. Remember that the requirements for creation vary from store to store. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of each store and adjust them to match their regulations. 

    Try to conduct creative tests. Look at what works and adjust the elements included in the graphics to suit the users. You won’t design perfect materials right away, it takes time and analysis. Pay attention to the texts included in the message, the color scheme, the placement of various elements. 

    Remember to keep checking the reviews of your app in the stores. The better the average of ratings given by users, the better the chance of a better ranking. What matters in a rating is not the average itself, but also when the review was given. The more recent the review, the more value it has.

    How to promote a mobile app – app reviews

    Regularly respond to feedback. The algorithm captures your involvement and understands the quality of service through activity. So by not being indifferent to user feedback, you influence the app’s visibility and its display higher in stores.

    Make sure that users give positive feedback to your app. If you don’t, the commenters will be mostly users who are dissatisfied with its performance. How do you encourage users to share positive impressions? The best way is to ask them directly while they are using the app. These are called “sweet moments,” or moments during the use of the app during which there is a high probability that the user is satisfied. Depending on the type of app, such moments will appear in other places. This could include a thank you page, moving to the next stage in a game, placing an order, etc. Analyze the behavior of users in the app and choose those places that you think are most likely to occur. When a user is in one of them, they will receive a notification asking them to leave feedback.

    If you need support with ASO, or general app promotion, contact digital agency Specialists who work with apps on a daily basis will conduct a professional audit of your app and configure the appropriate elements in the stores so that your app gains optimal visibility. The agency will also help you acquire new users and increase conversion rates.

    App promotion campaigns

    The easiest way to promote apps is through paid campaigns, which allow you to display ads and gain relatively low-cost installations as soon as you set up a campaign. App promotion campaigns allow you to display ads on the search engine, Google Play, YouTube, Google’s ad network. With this form of promotion, you will reach users who are potentially interested in the solutions the app offers them. Google Ads uses store content to optimize ads in a campaign. To do this, it analyzes ad text, images, videos and resources from the app information page of the store. Based on this, it creates ads in different formats for different networks.

    In Google Ads, you can promote an app through campaigns focused on 3 objectives: 

    • App installs – campaigns that promote app installs will display ads until the user completes the download operation for which the campaign is optimized.
    • App engagement – help re-engage customers who have installed your app, and encourage them to perform certain actions in it.
    • Pre-registration for an app (Android only) – users who click on an ad can register for a game or app in the Play Store even before it goes live.

    How to promote a mobile app on Facebook

    Similarly, things are similar in Meta Ads. You can set up campaigns to promote your app in several ways. The main one is promotion through your Facebook page. By showing users screenshots and videos, you can explain the benefits of using the app and use a custom CTA button. For example, Buy now or Play game. This way you will redirect site visitors straight to the app.

    Facebook provides a tool for developers – the SDK. With it, you can track and measure how many times your audience has installed the app thanks to an ad, and optimize the display of ads so that they reach the people most likely to install or perform certain actions in the app, as well as valuable customers.

    The SDK is a powerful tool for developers.

    Apple Search Ads

    Similar promotion opportunities are found in Apple Search Ads. With their help, you will enable discovery of your app in the App Store. Apple’s algorithms match customers to your app and display ads to them at times they deem appropriate. Ads can appear to viewers anywhere in the store while they are browsing. This allows the algorithm to reach audiences at a time when the likelihood of conversion, i.e. app downloads, is highest.

    How to promote a mobile app – influencers

    Influencers are powerful opinion leaders who are capable of directing the attention of huge groups of users to the place they set themselves. When it comes to mobile app promotion, working with influencers can be a key part of the strategy. Influencers have the ability to engage their audiences at a very high level, which often translates into great promotional results with their help. 

    The key element in working with influencers is their selection. It is important that the person you will work with fits the theme of your application. The creator should have an active community interested in a particular field, and at the same time be authentic and credible. Avoid controversial creators and those who evoke extreme emotions among the audience with their content. If such a person promotes your app, he or she may effectively discourage potential users.

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    Consider the world of influencers and see what opportunities are available in your industry. Often, it’s a better idea to work with multiple influencers with smaller reach, rather than betting on a single influencer with more reach. With the former, you are assured that their community is actually engaged, and on top of that, advertising rates are usually much lower. Niche creators are also more likely to opt for barter partnerships.

    Introduce the product or app features naturally and organically. It’s worthwhile for the influencer to present the benefits and experiences of using your app, which will make it more compelling to his or her community. Optimally, the influencer himself should use your app and know it well, so he can reliably present its capabilities and highlight the advantages. Simply uploading a reel on stories may not be engaging enough. If, on the other hand, the creator shares material on which he himself uses the app, the likelihood of positive reception of such content increases significantly. Therefore, before starting the cooperation, carefully determine the scope of the cooperation and what the promotional materials should look like.

    How to promote a mobile app – additional opportunities

    App visibility is not just about digital, but also about traditional forms of marketing. Being active at industry events can allow you to reach your target audience at no small cost. Hold presentations, workshops or booths at conferences related to your app’s subject matter.

    Depending on the type of app, you can also create features to encourage users to promote your app. These can be referral systems, rewards for acquiring users, points, discounts, etc. Whisper marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to advertise credibly without any cost.

    Promoting a mobile app is a process that requires strategy, creativity and constant monitoring. Applying the above tactics can significantly increase your chances of success in the increasingly competitive world of apps. Remember, however, that effective promotion is not just a one-time effort. It’s a continuous process of adapting to changing trends and user expectations. Try to stay on top of trends and, most importantly, listen to users! After all, they are the ones who use the app. If you take care of their needs, you will definitely succeed in increasing their number and satisfaction.

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