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    seo audit time

    An SEO audit is one of the first and key elements of SEO. It is the one that should inaugurate SEO activities for a site to achieve high organic results in the future. Any further SEO activities planned in the strategy, it is worth starting only after the audit.

    What are the most important elements of an SEO audit that should be included in it to be considered complete?

    Every SEO audit should consist of three main parts which are on-site analysis, off-site analysis and optimization recommendations. Only an audit containing these 3 key elements can we consider complete and start implementing the changes recommended by the specialist.

    On-site analysis is an analysis of the technical elements and the very operation of a given site in the context of Google’s Guidelines for Webmasters, which describe the specific conditions that a site must meet in order to appear at all in organic search results.

    Off-site analysis is an analysis of the environment of a given site in the search engine, which consists, among other things, of an analysis of the competition, an analysis of the originality of the content on the site in relation to the content found on the Internet, and an analysis of the links pointing to the domain.

    Optimization recommendations, are basically summarized conclusions of the analysis, telling us what on our site we should change in order for it to achieve good organic positions.

    What determines the timing of an SEO audit?

    The execution time of an SEO audit is always determined by the size of the site to be analyzed and can range from a few hours to a few days or weeks. It is known that side factors such as the workload of a given specialist or company also come into play here, but the most important factor here will always be how many sub-pages there are within a given site.

    The audit will always be determined by the size of the site to be analyzed.

    How long does an SEO audit of a small website take?

    A small website audit usually takes no more than a few hours of work by a specialist. By a small website here we mean a site that is more of a concise showcase of the company, containing a few pages, the most important information about the company and a bit of content in the form of, for example, news, than a site describing dozens of services on separate subpages.

    Optimization recommendations from an audit of such a small website, also usually are not long or complicated, a small site is usually just very few errors to fix.

    How long does a blog SEO audit take?

    The duration of a blog audit is already much more difficult to assess unequivocally, since blogs sometimes vary greatly, and their size usually depends on how long they have been running so far.

    Auditing a freshly created blog that literally has a few excerpts will not take more than a few hours, just like a small website. In contrast, a large blog that has been maintained for many years, by several authors at the same time, can mean many days of audit work. In the case of a blog, the duration of its audit should be determined very individually by a specialist dedicated to this task.

    How long does an SEO audit of a large service company website take?

    By a large service company site, we mean one where there are many services described on dedicated subpages. A large service company website may even have between 300 and 500 subpages, so its audit will also already be a more time-consuming task. For the audit of such a site it is worth assuming from 5 to 7 working days.

    How long does an SEO audit of a small online store take?

    A small online store containing a dozen or so products will generally not differ significantly in size from the previous case I described, the website of a large service company, and will usually have the number of subpages in the range of 500 at most. Therefore, its duration is also unlikely to be more than 7 working days.

    How long does an audit of a large online store take?

    A professional SEO audit of a large online store, on the other hand, will be one of the most time-consuming audits. Large online stores can have thousands of products in their offerings, and thus thousands of pages indexed by Google. This, of course, involves analyzing both a huge structure and a very large number of keywords and content itself.

    The length of such an audit is, of course, judged individually by the specialist responsible for it, but it is worth assuming that such an audit is unlikely to ever take less than 14 working days, and we should not be surprised if it is even a longer process.


    The duration of an SEO audit is hard to determine “in advance” without looking at the website in question, but it depends primarily on the size of the website, individually assessed by the se professional and can range from a few hours to several working days. So, when looking for an answer to the question “how long will an SEO audit take?” you need to go to the person who will conduct it and get the answer that is closest to reality, given on the basis of what kind of site you come with.

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    Adrianna Napiórkowska

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