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    Wondering what training to choose to learn how to run Google Ads campaigns? Or should you purchase a course, read a book, or buy access to videos? In this article, I will introduce you to the market options when it comes to learning Google Ads. I’ll tell you what I think is most effective and why, and which Google Ads course options are better to let go.

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    Ask yourself a few questions. That’s the best start.

    To better understand which form of learning will be most effective for you, try answering the questions:

    • what is the purpose of learning? What do I want to learn?”
    • how can I use it later?
    • how much time can I devote to learning? when?
    • have I benefited from any form of training in the past? what lessons have I learned? what do I remember?
    • may I need additional mobilization for learning?
    • how much time can I devote to practicing and learning on my own?
    • what causes me the most difficulty in learning?
    • do I want to learn only Google Ads or think more broadly?

    Sound like an examination of conscience? Almost! The more accurate answers you get, the better the chance that your training adventure will be effective. It’s worth adding right away that there are no golden means for effective Google Ads training. If you expect to learn everything in a one-day training course, forget it. The most important thing in learning is the concept of so-called active learning. 

    What is active learning and why is it the best choice?

    Active teaching is nothing more than involving learners in the entire teaching process. Sounds complicated? Nothing could be further from the truth. What are some examples of active learning that can also be used to learn Google Ads?

    1. Brainstorming, as one of the simplest forms, includes any process of creating, discussing, and reviewing ideas.
    2. Discussions and debates – simply talking, and exchanging views.
    3. Case analyses, or in other words, the so-called case study.
    4. Interviews.
    5. Group projects.
    6. Situation games.
    7. Analysis of action scenarios in various cases.
    8. SWOT analysis.

     Using active learning methods leads to, among other things: 

    • increase the effectiveness of learning
    • increased motivation during learning
    • increased creativity of students
    • integration of knowledge from different specialties
    • increase communication skills and connect facts
    • improved planning of own work

    The opposite of active teaching is passive teaching. This is simply listening to lectures, training courses, reading courses, or books. In this case, the learner’s activity is limited, and over time memorability drops to zero.

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    Google Ads training market in Poland

    The Google Ads training market in Poland seems to be quite developed. There is a mass of experienced trainers on the market who regularly organize Google Ads courses. On the other hand, there are also no-cost learning options using, for example, Skillshop, directly from Google. If you answered the questions above, you can easily choose the optimal Google Ads training for you. Let’s look at these options in a little more detail.

    Free Google Ads Training Skillshop

    These trainings are available as online courses and cover a given topic. They will give you knowledge in search network ads, ad networks, product ads, video ads, and effectiveness measurement. You can get a certificate from each area if you correctly pass a test verifying your knowledge. 

    Additionally, as part of the Analytics Academy, you can increase your analytics knowledge and become certified. Skillshop also includes the Google Marketing Platform.

    The Skillshop also includes the Google Marketing Platform.

    The training platform from Google Ads requires a lot of diligence, self-organization, and ambition. The longer you study, the more questions arise. For this reason, regularity and inquisitiveness will be important. Some courses are available in written form, and some are available in video form. From a learner’s perspective, it can be problematic to assimilate this knowledge in a practical way. This is something you will not realize with Skillshop. Is it a good start? Certainly yes, but this relationship should not last too long for you.

    Karol Dziedzic

    Karol Dziedzic is a respected and experienced figure in the Google Ads training market. Karol regularly organizes classroom training, which is highly opinionated. The cost of a one-day basic training is 990 PLN net, and advanced training is 1390 PLN net. Trainings are held in groups of 8 and are currently held about once a month.

    If you prefer the online course option then Karol also has a proposal and for the price of PLN 699 you can purchase access to 7h of training materials.

    An additional benefit of the courses is 1h post-training consultation within the purchased package. On the Internet you can find in vain negative comments about Karol’s training, it is a recognized brand if you are interested in classroom training or access to an online course.

    Efficient Marketing

    This is another market-recognized brand that organizes desktop Google Ads training courses. The presenter is Lukasz Chwiszczuk, and the price starts from PLN 970. The training program also includes two levels, basic and PRO. After completing the course, you will receive a special certificate of completion.

    Course prices vary depending on the level of advancement, and the optional VIP package. This package is a one-year subscription to the magazine and six-month access to the premium area. A big plus of the training courses is the variety of locations, currently, you can choose one of the following cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and Wroclaw.

    Online Marketing

    Marketing Online offers online-only training divided into three days and three blocks of topics. In the first, you will gain the basics, in the second during the workshop you will learn search engine campaigns, and in the third, you will learn other forms of advertising: display, video, product, etc. The cost of the package is PLN 1,590, and you can choose any of the dates currently offered. 

    The company boasts a so-called learning guarantee – you can come free of charge for the next edition if you deem it necessary to update your knowledge (up to one year)

    Deva Group

    Deva Group offers two levels, so you can start with the basics or go straight to the advanced part. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate, presentations, training recordings, and materials with links to tools. You will also receive a one-hour consultation with a company representative in the package. 

    Currently, the price of the training is not publicly disclosed, and information is only available after completing the application form.


    There are several courses available on the market so you can learn at your convenience if this style of learning suits you better. One example is the “Basics of Google Ads” course available for £149 at At a lower price of PLN 59.99 you will get access to the Google Ads course on

    If you are interested in a more advanced level then you can purchase the course from Artur Jablonski at a gross price of PLN 790. You will get more than 11 hours of closed training in 54 lessons. There is also a course by the aforementioned Luke Chwiszczuk at a price on the platform. It’s a course consisting of modules at different prices, so you can purchase only the one that suits your current needs.

    If English is not an obstacle for you, try the courses available at Appsumo For the price of $17.99, you’ll get a pretty good dose of knowledge. A free alternative? Check out Semrush and PPC Academy

    Individual training. Best choice?

    The market for training from Google Ads agencies in Poland has quite a wide range. On the one hand, you can choose desktop training courses tailored to your level. On the other hand, you have access to many online courses, in the form of downloads or videos. You can also get free knowledge directly from Google through Skillshop. However, all of these solutions have a drawback. They are a type of passive teaching with one and the same material for the whole group. All-day training courses can be tiring, and the knowledge taken in such a time can completely drift away in the following weeks. The lack of regular practice after the course results in reduced memorability of the material. The effect of courses after a few weeks? Probably the same as before the training courses.

    The above analysis led us to the decision to introduce a completely new training model in Poland, based on the active learning model. For several months, we have been providing such training at the platform. We changed everything and applied the following standards:

    1. One personalized trainer tailored to your goals.
    2. Personalized training plan arranged for your needs.
    3. Flexible schedule.
    4. Scope of training and pace you wish.
    5. Assessment of progress.
    6. A regular dose of motivation 🙂
    7. Know-how and work 100% on real data.

    At SchoolUP, classes are taught by five trainers, all of whom have daily, market-based practice. There is no level of knowledge from which you can start – it can range from zero knowledge to a desire to explore one specific topic. Training reviews confirm that the project stands out in the market and provides a large dose of knowledge.

    An additional plus of SchoolUP is the opportunity to develop your knowledge in marketing in the broadest sense, not only within Google Ads. So you can learn social media advertising, advanced analytics, marketing strategy, preparing analysis and reports, understanding metrics, or interpreting indicators. The knowledge thus gathered organizes a holistic understanding of marketing, strategic planning processes, and looking from the business side. These skills often come in most handy when working at a digital agency or marketing your company online.

    The Google Ads SchoolUP operates a simple training fee model. Currently, it is $149 gross for a full hour of 1:1 training with a practitioner. You determine the number of hours and your availability. The trainer will tell you what results you can expect and in what time. If you work regularly and do your “homework” the effects will come quickly and will last.
    If you are undecided, I encourage you to make an appointment for a first, free call at This will allow you to see if this form of training is for you!

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    Tomasz Starzyński
    Tomasz Starzyński

    CEO and managing partner at Up&More. He is responsible for the development of the agency and coordinates the work of the SEM/SEO and paid social departments. He oversees the introduction of new products and advertising tools in the company and the automation of processes.