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    Domain authority (DA, Domain Authority) is a parameter developed by Moz to estimate the probability of a domain appearing in Google search results. The indicator takes values from 0-100, so the higher the number a site has, the more likely it is to appear in search results pages.

    Domain Authority - definition

    Domain Authority (DA) – what affects it?

    Although information on the algorithms used to calculate Domain Authority by Moz has not been published, we can list what factors it is calculated based on.

    Generally speaking, Domain Authority is influenced by:

    • Domain age – older domains that have been indexed longer in a search engine have a higher score.
    • The quantity and quality of inbound links (backlinks‘ów) – depends on the total number of inbound links and the number of links leading to the main domain. Incoming link profile plays a key role in your domain in terms of this parameter. Websites with valuable links have higher DA scores.
    • Number of outbound links – if there are a significant number of links coming out of your site and they are not to quality sites – then your Domain Authority score may be low.
    • Domain Authority – it is best to use a well-prepared SEO strategy. Domain Authority score is affected by the structure of the site, loading speed, appropriate use of keywords.

    How to check Domain Authority?

    Many tools have been developed in the SEO industry to be able to check Domain Authority (DA). However, one of the most famous is Link Explorer (, which was created by Moz along with the DA parameter.

    You can add your site address in the provided link and you will get Domain Authority and Page Authority parameter calculated for your site.

    How to increase domain authority?

    To improve your domain authority and appear higher on search engine results pages, it’s essential that you take care of properly optimizing your site ON-SITE. The Domain Authority score is not only based on the quantity and quality of inbound links, but is calculated by evaluating the quality of metatags, headings, readability of links or the presence of ALT attribute to each graphic.

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