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    E-commerce is a rapidly growing market that is gaining popularity in Poland. According to data, as many as 62% of internet users in Poland made online purchases in 2019. This number continues to grow, and with it also grows the number of available products on e-commerce platforms. So if you’re planning to open your e-store or want to improve the operation of an existing one, one of the most important decisions you’ll face will be choosing the right hosting server. In this article, we’ll take a look at what a hosting server is and what to look for when making your choice.

    What is a hosting server?

    Hosting server is the place where all the data of your online store is stored. It can be compared to a warehouse that stores all the products available in your e-store. Without a hosting server, it would not be possible to launch an online store and ensure its availability to customers.

    The basic elements you need to launch an e-store are:

    • Site layout:The appearance of your store, that is, the entire graphic template, which is responsible for the interface and appearance of the site.
    • Implementation: The process of “programming” the site so that it works and handles the sales process. The most common platforms used are PrestaShop, Magento or WooCommerce.
    • Domain: The unique address of your online store, where it will be available to customers.
    • Hosting server: The place where all the data of your store is stored and which makes it available online.

    It is the hosting server that is the key element we will focus on in this article.

    Types of hosting servers

    Before deciding on a hosting server, it’s a good idea to understand the difference between the available types. Here are some common types of hosting servers:

    1. Shared hosting

    Shared hosting is a popular and economical option for beginners. In this form, multiple websites use the same server resources. This means that the server is shared between different sites. This is a good solution for small e-commerce stores with low traffic. However, shared hosting may not provide enough performance and security for larger e-commerce platforms.

    2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of server that divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each with its own server resources. This means you have more control over your server compared to shared hosting. VPS can be a good solution for e-commerce stores with medium traffic.

    3. Dedicated server

    Dedicated server is dedicated exclusively to one user or company. This means that you have full control over the server and all its resources. A dedicated server is the best option for large e-commerce platforms that need maximum performance, security and control. It is also the most expensive option, but if you care about performance and security, a dedicated server may be the best choice.

    4. Cloud hosting

    Cloud hosting is a modern solution that uses multiple servers to ensure data availability and scalability. The advantage of cloud hosting is flexibility and the ability to handle traffic spikes. However, the cost of cloud hosting can be unpredictable and is usually higher than dedicated servers with similar performance.

    Why a dedicated server is the best choice for e-commerce?

    Now that we know the different types of hosting servers, let’s consider why a dedicated server is the best choice for e-commerce platforms. Here are the main reasons:

    1. Performance

    Dedicated server ensures that all server resources such as CPU, RAM and bandwidth are exclusively dedicated to your e-commerce platform. This ensures that your store will run quickly and smoothly, which is crucial for UX and increased sales.

    2. Customized configuration

    For online stores with higher traffic and special performance requirements, standard solutions may not be enough. A dedicated server gives you the ability to configure the server according to your needs. You can customize the server settings and configurations to ensure optimal performance and tailor it to the individual needs of your business.

    3. Security

    Security is extremely important for e-commerce stores that process sensitive customer data. A dedicated server provides a higher level of security because you don’t share it with other users. This means less risk of attacks and the ability to implement individual security measures such as firewalls and SSL certificates.

    4. Scalability

    The dedicated server is easily scalable, which means that as your business grows, you can easily increase the server resources to meet the increase in traffic and data storage. This ensures that your store will always be available and reliable.


    After choosing the right hosting server, there is one more important issue that needs attention – server administration. Server administration is about managing and maintaining the server infrastructure in good shape. For e-commerce companies, where uptime, security and performance are crucial, professional server administration becomes essential.

    Optimized performance

    Server administrators adjust settings and configurations to ensure optimal performance. They also manage software updates, deploy security patches and take care of other items that affect server performance.

    Enhanced Security

    A dedicated server administrator implements advanced security measures, conducts regular audits and ensures that your server is always secured. This ensures that your data is protected and the risk of attacks is minimized.

    Importance of maintenance

    Technical support is extremely important in case of server problems. That’s why when choosing a hosting provider, it’s worth checking how quickly and effectively they respond to failures. Hosting providers with a high level of technical support ensure that problems are resolved quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime for your store.


    Choosing the right server is crucial to e-commerce success. Dedicated servers stand out for their performance, security and scalability. Combined with professional server administration and support, dedicated servers can provide a seamless online shopping experience and security for your customers. Investing in a dedicated server and professional administration is a strategic move that can take your e-commerce platform to new heights. Choose the right server and enjoy the success of your e-store!

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