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    We operate as a 360 agency offering comprehensive online marketing solutions for our clients. SEO and all related activities are one of our strengths. Check out why you should entrust your business to us!

    1. We know where your competition is

    The starting point of all marketing efforts, including SEO, should be market analysis and verification of your competitors’ positions.

    You know who your competitors are? Great! Tell us and we’ll see what activities they’re doing and what results they’re getting.

    Are you new to your industry and don’t know your competitors yet? Your product is so niche that you can consider both everyone and no one specifically as a competitor.

    Are you new to your industry?

    up&more blog

    Also ok! We’ll tell you who to look out for and why market competition doesn’t always equal competition in organic search results. 

    2. We know how important it is to optimize your website

    All SEO efforts start with your website. We know Google’s robot expectations of websites and how to put them into practice..

    Working with us always begins with a detailed SEO audit of your site to identify and fix all errors and inconsistencies with the Webmasters Guidelines. 

    Google updates its requirements continuously, and we stay up to date with them! We begin each audit with a technical on-site analysis, which includes a review of your site’s source code, structure, content and performance.

    Then we move on to the off – site part of link profile analysis and content originality testing. As a result of the audit, you will receive optimization recommendations from us.

    Do you need help with implementation? Let us know, we will be happy to help! 

    3. We know how to choose keywords for positioning to get customers to your website

    The days of positioning only, short very general keywords are long gone. We know how the use of Google search engine by its users has changed.

    Yes, generic phrases – one- or two-word phrases with high search potentials and huge competitiveness – are still part of the base SEO efforts, but they are not all we can offer you. 

    We know the potential of working on long-tail keywords (long, precise queries about a product or service), branded or “How to…?” (questions that usually start with “How to…?”) and we know how to match them to your business using them.

    4. We know that the statement “content is king” is not just a banal positioning-saying

    The quantity and quality of content on a website is one of the underlying and most important ranking factors.

    A large amount of valuable content allows you to naturally include the keywords you choose to position your site.

    As part of our SEO efforts, we will design and implement a content marketing strategy dedicated to your business. We will use tools to help analyze the most popular user queries to find the topic ranges and phrases that can generate the most organic traffic. 

    We will develop your blog, knowledge base or advice section with content that can realistically attract new customers. Our content activities will significantly increase the organic visibility of the site which will translate into real traffic. 


    External linking to a site is another of the very important ranking factors. Building a linking strategy and developing a link profile is a long-term task. After conducting an off-site audit, we already know what your site’s link profile looks like and what is missing from it.

    Now it’s time to take care of it! We will select thematically related sites with high quality parameters, contact publishers and post articles on them with a dofollow link to your site.

    Our linking strategy always includes elements such as frequency of link acquisition, type of links acquired, diversity and type of anchor texts. 


    6. We know your business operates in variable conditions

    Recent years have vividly shown us how quickly the conditions in which a business operates can change. As positioning is a long-term activity, we realize that the assumptions created in the first month of operations, after a quarter may already be outdated.

    This is why we focus on flexibility! We try to maximally adapt the activities to the current needs of your business, so that positioning works in synergy with changes in the market. 

    7. We know how to translate organic traffic into sales

    Gaining significant organic traffic to a site undoubtedly represents the success of SEO efforts, but that’s not all. It is also important to optimize conversions from that traffic.

    We know how important it is to analyze user behavior, traffic sources and conversions. We can perform a comprehensive UX audit that will significantly improve the sales results generated by the site or the number of queries acquired. 

    8. We-know-that-to-draw-valuable-conclusions-from-actions,-data-analysis-is-necessary 

    Positioning activities have extensive analytical support with us. This means that we periodically analyze data to adjust SEO elements to the current perspective. This includes, among other things, analyzing data from Google Search Console in order to activate activities where we can most quickly achieve real benefits.

    We solve unresolved problems – low CTR from search results, high click-through rates and low conversions. We configure analytics. We define micro-conversions. We analyze SEO channel effectiveness against others and over time.

    9. We know you want to be on-topic

    As part of our ongoing SEO activities we are always here to help and support you with any questions or concerns you may have about your website or the SEO process itself.

    Also, every month you will receive an interactive activity report from us, where you will find out what activities we have performed for your site, what are the current and past keyword positions, how traffic and conversions are distributed, and what is the action plan for the following months.

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    Adrianna Napiórkowska
    Adrianna Napiórkowska

    She has 11 years of professional experience, she started her career at the Emarketing Experts agency as a junior SEO specialist. In addition to website positioning, she was responsible for conducting 360° marketing projects as an Account Manager at She worked for companies from the financial sector (Bank Millennium, Bank Meritum, Finai S.A.) and e-commerce (e.g. Black Red White, Autoland, Mumla). At Up&More, he is responsible for, among others, SEO projects for Panek Car Sharing, Amerigas, Interparking, H+H and Autoplaza.